CC water conditions 04-23-08

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  1. Water is still on the muddy side but getting better daily, lake was like glass most of the day, fished from 9 am to 430 pm, about 20-25 crappies both white and black, Whites were around 3-4 feet of water blacks 1-2. All fish kept were over 10 inches, caught about 10 more under 10 inches that were thrown back in. Bite turned on literally at noon, and vanished at exactly 230pm, with just a few fish from 230 pm to 430 pm. All in all a good day, was the first time I had my 4 year old on the water that long, and he was addicted, didn't want to leave when we did.
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    I was about to ask how the lake was in your other thread, then saw this one. Sounds like a great day, and glad your son had such a good day on the water.

  3. Sounds like a great day on the water! Thanks for the report.