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CC today 6/11

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by larryfish, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Went to CC with taxiecab today. We had a rough time with all the storms moving through the area. We managed about a dozen saugeye before we got too wet and the thunder ran us off. Most were dinks but we did manage a 16" and fat 21"er.

    Even though it was cut short by the weather...again, I had a great time taxiecab. Thanks! :D
  2. I wish I could have been down there, but it was raining so hard here in Beaverreek that I'm sure it would have filled the boat. I guess that weather keeps the cigarette boats at home, though.
    Were you dragging crawlers?

  3. TheKing,

    All the saugeye we caught came on crawlers, fishing the bottom.

    The pleasure boaters were at a minimum. There were however quite a few fishermen on the lake, most were all pre-fishing for the Crappie USA Regional that was held their yesterday. I did not make the weigh-in, so I don't know what they did? Should see a post on the CUSA website soon.
  4. Thanks Larry for the very good but very wet day on the lake.It is very hard to hold an unbrella and fish too but after awhile all of that rain starts to get to you. Still a good day on the lake.

    The results of the Crappie USA are posted on thier web site but the semi pro team of Solomon and Walters of Troy won the semi pro div and were given a certificate for a new Ranger bass boat with a 150hp evenrude motor and all of the electronics. The weather was bad and all of the rain brought the lake up over 3ft so the docks are out of service again and it will be some time next week before the lake is dropped and longer for it to clear up.
    There were 150 teams there from as far as Tx. and N. J. and it was a very tough tournament with a lot of teams not catching any keepers and most not getting thier 10 weigh in fish. the winning weight was 6.25 for the Semi Pro and the amture was won by Caudill and his wife at a 5.40 which was a very good weight for this weigh in. It is too bad that every time they have a Crappie USA here at C C the weather is so bad.
    This time every thing was against them weather post spawn and rising water and lots of muddy water too. I hope they have another tournament there when they can see some of the big crappie in that lake.