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    Went for a drive with the wife and dog and stopped to check out the spillway....It was really high and fast as they were dumping alota water...Made me wish I had a pole to see if any eyes were biting...I've always been under the impression that the fishing is so-so there most of the time but with the high water level and flow rate it seemed like better than average conditions....Can anyone confirm or deny doing OK on s-eyes when the waters up and flowing there?
  2. i have been down there on dozens of occasions and have never done well, one time i caught a handful of white bass on jigging spoons, there are rare crappie, and i have caught more sauger that ran up from the lmr than saugeye by alot. they have the pump out in the middle of the lake and they draw the water near the surface, there just arn't alot of fish that suspend just under the surface in the middle of cc especially not saugeye. anymore it is probably the last spot in sw ohio i will bother to fish.

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    I'd agree w/ riverking,there seems to be more fish come up from the LMR than wash out...more fish caught as you get closer to the river.Small-modest bass and sunfish have dominated my catch and not in any #'s.It was a LOT better before the dam went in,now it's a place where I go to hike but not fish.
    There used to be a really good population of ringneck snakes on the hillsides in that gorge but they pretty much disappeared w/in 2 yrs back in the late 90's when the local salamander population tanked and they lost their primary food source.TC1