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CC Report and Misadventures

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crappie12, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Here’s my latest misadventure story. Maybe we should start a new Thread Heading. Yesterday I fished CC from 9am till 430pm. Concentrated on finding Saugeyes as I am trying to learn the lake for their hangouts. Wind out of the NE, 10mph, heavy overcast, slight mist early, water temps about 69 and dropping (65 when I left the lake), water clarity about 3 ft. Fished humps, shore line drop-offs in the south pool – drifting crawler harnesses on the bottom. One bluegill. Went to north pool around noon. Fished point area above the island, another sunny. Fished the island deep side, lots of tap taps and another bluegill. Fished the shallow side, nothing. Switched to trolling crank baits, nothing. Tried a couple more places with crawlers and decided to head back south to try area where I started. Steady wind, now out of the NW, 10-15 mph. Nice chop on the water. Still overcast. Drifted with night crawlers again. Bam, first drift and nice 17 inch eye. Next drift and bam again, however was a very frisky bluegill. Getting close to time I have to leave the lake. Next drift, bam another Saugeye, I assume as did not see it as it got off before getting it near the boat, but felt bigger of course, than the one in the cooler. Heart is now pumping. I’ve found the mother lode. Motor back to start new drift. Drop my line back in the water. Start to drop the other line and, shoot, need to put on a new crawler. Dig one out and stick first hook in the nose when the other rod tip starts bouncing. Drop the harness and go to set the hook. Really jerks hard. Rod tip points below the trolling motor. Dam!! Untangle line from prop. I use the trolling motor to maintain sideways drift. Of course the line was cut so need to re-rig terminal stuff. It is REALLY late, HAVE to leave soon. But, fish are biting. Decide to not re-rig just drift again with one rod. Next drift, BAM a good eye. Got it close to the boat. BIG, better than 20 inches (this will probably grow in the retelling). Grab the net. Rod in one hand, net in the other, lead eye close, shove net into the water. Too Soon! Eye ducks under the net, under the boat, strong run. Rod bends down, tip in water, and double dam, the line snaps. Fish is gone. Heart now going strong. What now?? Both rods need re-rigging. Can’t leave. Not now!! Start tieing new terminal hardware. Fingers are shaking for some reason. First knot comes undone when tested. End of line now has squiggles. Where did the clipper go? Oh, its under the seat, next to the spilled coffee cup. How’d that happen??? Get one rod rigged. Drift again. Snag!! Pull up someone’s spoon with 20 feet of line attached. And, now have drifted past the hot spot. Once more?? Have to try one more time. Next drift. Snag again. Can’t get free. Line breaks off. Decide that’s enough excitement for the day, and head back to the ramp. Can’t wait to get back out there again!
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    You need to start writing books !!! Great Story !!! THE CATKING :cool:

  3. I agree with Catking. Thanks for giving a little break from work and putting me on the water with you.
  4. I really enjoyed the story. Reading it was just like being there. :)
  5. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Great Story. Like everyone else said!
  6. May I please have my spoon back? Aw keep it! I think I'll be using a crawler harness next time out.