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CC Report 9/7

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crappie12, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Got on the lake at Wellman's Ramp around noon. Air temp 75 deg., water temp 73 deg., clarity 3-4 ft., wind North 10-12 mph, under very cloudy skys. Caught a dozen bluegills 7 - 8 inches on nightcrawlers and one 14 inch LM. All caught at edges of dropoffs where flats drop from 10-12 feet to 25. Marked larger fish at 20 foot depth on same dropoffs (where wind was blowing toward the dropoff) but was unable to entice any hits. And, best of all, there wasn't a single pleasure boat all afternoon. However, the bass clubbers were blasting away from the ramp as I was heading back in. All I can say is, don't get in their way. They got the bit in their teeth, and forget rules of the road, flying four abreast, wave after wave, they'll swamp anything in their path. They make the pleasure boats seem preferable.
  2. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    There was someone who said he belonged to the Tuesday night bass club there. He mentioned to let him know of any infractions like that. This has gone on for years, I was almost hit by boats flying at 50 MPH in a no wake zone (by the beach- jet ski ramp) They ran by me at 20' on each side as I was trolling. I think it's time for the park rangers or Div of Watercraft to be made aware so that they can inform the club of complaints & possible loss of use of CC for their tournys if they continue to be a danger & nuisance. Not to mention violations of no wake zones. :mad:

    I bet if the DNR was emailed with links to your post they would do something. Not to difficult to enforce as it's every Tuesday. All they would have to do is have a few officers with binoculars on the banks & then write all violators tickets when they returned to the ramp! Along with a stern warning to the club of pending revocation of tourns on public waters. It might get their attention.
    I know they busted some jetskis from a link and also the guys poaching trout during the March stockings...

  3. itroll2

    itroll2 fishin IS heaven on earth

    sorry 2 say i DO have 2 agree with u. i was out a while back at cc when they were BLASTING OFF. they ignored common courtesy & the NO WAKE rule. i wonder if they realize how bad it makes ( our sport, hobby, or plain ol just love to fish or be on the water)fishing look to others. spectators probably think we r all like that. i hope the guilty parties take heed and shape up.
  4. I was on C C this past tuesday 9/07/04 but I got off before they got on the lake. This has gone on for years now and I have complined to the park rangers in person and they just seem to look the other way. The most simple thing to do would just stop the quick starts and just let them go out in single file.
    I was a member of Bass masters for 30 years and stop my membership when they introduced boat raceing as part of the bass fishing tours. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND SPONSORSHIP FROM THE BIG BOAT AND MOTOR MANUFACTURES and who cares about the little guy in the little cheap boat.

    I will get killed for this but I did not create this image my self they did it.


    Ok guys tell me what a big jerk I am now. Sorry I call em like I see them.
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    you said most not all right? man i love bass tourneys, i fish in a johnboat, my new estimate on these guys is some, not all. but isnt that true in every area of life? unfortunately many of us go to the water to get away from this. i would keep bugging the rangers about this