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CC report 11/5

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by big_b16, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Water was great in south pool, not as windy as forcasted. Clarity in south pool was >4ft. Did see one hammerhandle (~20in muskie) follow the shad rap in the south pool NE of the big island, casted for about 3 hours. North pool was more cloudy. Couldn't see very good for follows...nothing splashed at me. Only 3 other boats at the ramp in the north pool. The deer carcase just inside the no-wake zone ENE of Wellman ramp is really tart. Surprised I didn't see a million buzzards.
  2. Thanks for the report and it's nice to here you at least had a follow. The wind kept me off the lake all week, hope to get out tomorrow.

  3. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    I worked Saturday morning but hit the North pool about 3:00 and fished until dark for muskies with no luck. I think that makes about 12 or 13 hours of fishing since I've had a hit or follow. :(
  4. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    This lake should turn on next year.
    I'm still interested in a Muskie club for the Southwest.
    Or even a big outing for Caesars?
  5. Water temp. 57 degrees at 9 am when I arrived, 58 degrees 1:30 pm when I left. Water clarity 3 feet.

    Cast musky crankbaits in the south pool, caught one chunky 14 inch LM bass.
  6. Sorry boys, but I found a hungry one. It was in the same place that I saw one last week. Before I only saw its back half, today I saw its throat (without the hinderance of water between my eyes and his). I did a rookie mistake, only did one small drag past the side of the boat to see if any lookers, as I pulled the super shad rap out of the water, he followed it out. He was about 3 foot and upset that I took his dinner. Believe me, I offered it and numerous other things to him over the next few minutes but he seemed to be to mad to eat. That happened within 15 minutes of putting the boat in the water, nothing else for the next 3 hours. I'd tell you all where he was but I want to catch him first. After I boat him I'll let everyone else give him a try. Better luck next time.
  7. No need to apologize: Just catch that rat & let us know how you did it!

    Now get out there & CAST....
  8. Pike


    Thanks for the reports. We may have a muskie lake in Southwest Ohio!