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CC report 11/20

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by big_b16, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Well fellas, the veteran combo of lazy/big b put on a muskie display this morning. We were able to boat a nice fish and see another one that would have been a bit nicer. I was unable to post the pics here but if you were to navigate to my photo gallery via the link above (members photo gallery, big_b16) you could gladly see the fish. The picture has been gleaned of all GPS coordinates and lure selection....j/k. We found that both fish were found in the coves among the timber. They were raised using a suspending soft lure that mimics a swimming fish. It looks remarkably like a fish, and was the secret lure I mentioned the other day. I wanted to thank lazy for giving me a ride. Update, I found the box I got the lure in. It was a MegaBait Charlie (6.5"). Made in China, a muskie haven from what I've heard :D .
  2. Yeah, yeah...but what I really want to know is "What was the water temperature?"

    Since I obviously know NOTHING about catching muskies (Most of my ineffective baits came from WI & MN where there might be muskies....) & my boat has no temperature gauge, I'll appeal to the expert & @ least come away w/some information.

    Enjoyed meeting the Dynamic Duo & look forward to our next meeting. I headed to the trailer soon after we parted - the spool engagement on a reel expired on a really long cast & manually re-spooling all that line finished me. Maybe God's way of telling me to go home & let out the dogs....

    Congrats again on your great day! You ARE the man, big b!

  3. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    They were nice enough to save the water temp. for me as they knew I wouldn't have anything else to report. :eek: North pool was 53deg. at 7:30 and 54 deg. at 12:00 when I gave up. I tried casting coves and points with two different Bull Dawgs and a couple other baits and switched to deep water trolling after a couple hours. Trolling yielded four trees. :rolleyes:
  4. Wahoo! There you go! Nice fish fellas. Did you guys get a scale sample? Might also be a good idea to foward the pic over to the DNR guys in Xenia to let them know the stockings are not in vain?

  5. No scale sample was taken. My fault, since I have never taken one before I was having trouble getting any scales off so we decided to get the fish back in the water.

    It's time to fess up guy's, how may of you have been on the internet checking out the MegaBait lures already. :D I'll be the first to admit I have, any bait that can catch and raise a fish on the same day at CC definatly tweakes my interest.
  6. I got my motor running, finally. Believe it or not the fuel primer bulb locked up the same time I replaced my Voltage regulator. After replacing the regulator and running for about 5 minutes (in hindsight about the time it would take to drain the fuel from the bulb to the carbs) the motor quit and wouldn't run. In a last ditch effort while checking the spark I sprayed ether in the carbs and the motor started to fire. Everything else checked out fine so when it fired the fuel started to make sense. Used a spare tempco tank and when I pumped the bulb I could hear the fuel surging throught the system. Can't believe I stressed for a week over a $5 fuel bulb. Happy fishing. I called the MegaBait folks and they are giving me a finders fee... :D . Those gators better watch their meals now, they may contain my trebels!
  7. Glad to hear you have it running again Big B16, sometimes it's the simplest things that cause the bigest headaches.
  8. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    When I'm out trying to get a reindeer you start catching Muskie. I f I'm not wrong that looks to be about a 36 or larger great job. That may be one of the biggest so far??? Can we get a muskie club for caesars now????? Or just monthly bull sessions at a local resturant????I need a old boat motor 5hp to 70. Again great job???? Now lets make that a weekly catch. Lookout Spring 2005!! Skippy I need some positive reports.
    Thanks Fishcrazzzzzzzzzy
    Deer Son
    3 0
    He forgot you'r suposed to shoot like many of us have. 1 buck, 2 does
  9. Skipjack,

    Are you using the regular Bull Dawg or the Shallow Dawg? Maybe I’m just getting too old & lazy, but I’ve found the regular Dawg to be a brutal work-out & a snag magnet! It has incredible swimming action but it’s so heavy that it plunges to the bottom like an anvil. I bought one on my last trip to WI because they’re reputed to be a dynamic cold front bait. Used it for about 15 minutes, most of that time spent chasing snags in a relatively snag-free natural lake. I dread the thought of tossing it around all that stout lumber in CC…. I’m wondering if the Shallow Dawg, which is an ounce lighter, might be a viable alternative.
  10. fishcrazy, you've fallen prey to the oldest trick in the book. I even mentioned to lazy that when you get a picture, push the tail towards the camera, it'll add a half of a foot to the picture. the fish was only 30" long and I'm 6' tall....hehe.
  11. catking

    catking Banned

    Alright !!!! Nice to read this about the hunt for CC's muskie, and the fact that you guys boated one. Maybe a great start ?? Looking forward to that next fish. Please guys, get a scale sample. CATKING :)
  12. Yeah, the CC musky threads really rock! An interesting & interested group for sure.

    A story that I forgot to relay earlier: I had a brief conversation w/non-musky fishermen in another boat on Saturday while they waited for me to move off a spot. Seemed very interested in the state of the CC musky population: #'s stocked, #'s being caught, size, etc... all leading to the question I always dread: "Don't you think they hurt the bass & crappie?" I told 'em "no" & cited Cave Run as an example, but I could tell by the look that they weren't satisfied.

    I'm afraid that this is the tip of the iceberg & that next spring when people aren't getting "enough" meat for the freezer or are having lures bitten off that we'll be hearing lots more.
  13. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I may have to pull my boat up there !!
    Here's your picture too, just rt. click on them in the photo gallery, hit properties, copy the addy, then paste it in the window that appears when you hit the "Insert image" button above the window you type into (looks like a yellow postcard).... :rolleyes:
  14. Perhaps we should start making some educational postings with research to backup the information we’re posting, web links, article quotes, ect. I’m sure there are a lot of bass or crappie fisherman that think the musky are targeting their favorite species as a food source. But it only stands to reason the a musky is going to eat what is most available, which is shad. That also applies to the bass, Saugeye, crappie and as a lot of noted this fall even the carp.
  15. Pike


    It is about time. Way to go guys. That fish looks great, very healthy. Hopefully we can all get out a couple more times and have some fun.

  16. Any inputs on when we should get together as an informal gathering? Either at a restaraunt or at the ramp on the way out for a hunt.
  17. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    I'm trying to put up a informational website for Southwest Muskie.
    I'm not to great and the tools I have are pretty crude
    Heres the start:


    Hopefully the link works if not I need upload it.

  18. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    OGF has this great tool why don't we use it to plan for the future or pick a night out to dicuss Muskie. Okay What about Thursday night at 8:00 P.M
    or Wed 8:00 PM, Anytime for Me.

    Fishcrazzzzzzzzzy :D
  19. Is it ? If so, the site shows it's under construction. There are many *.html editors that can be found for free on the internet. If you need any help or have any questions email me at, I've built some websites. While you're out perusing the internet for html editors, get yourself winftp if you don't have a way to ftp files and images to the server.

    Thursday may be bad, it's Thanksgiving and all. Wednesday is fine for me.
    I've never used a Bulldawg and have heard about them several times on this site, so today I got one. It is pretty darn ugly....perfect. I remember cincinatti saying his had a problem hanging up, I can see why now, the thing is heavy. Maybe I could use a needle to inflate it and make it more bouyant.
  20. big b: Had a PM from skipjack & he's got the Shallow & Spring Dawgs which are considerably lighter than the 9" standard model. The Spring Dawg is also only about 6" long. Can't imagine who's masochistic enough to throw the Magnum....

    I fish w/an oldtime guide in WI & he says the Bull Dawg is a real pain to throw, but you forget the pain if you catch a nice fish. So far it's been all pain for me.

    Can probably make 8PM tomorrow. If the weather looked better, I'd say Friday AM@ the lake!