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CC Report 10-21-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lazy, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Put in at the North Pool Ramp at 8 AM, water temp. 58 degrees when I arrived and 60 degrees when I left about 12:30 pm.

    Cast bucktails, Musky crankbait and jerk baits, made a couple short trolling runs. All I had to show for my effort was one 2 inch Shad I snagged. But it was a fish, didn't put up much of a fight though. :)
  2. Not that you are...lazy I mean.
    Anyway, the ODNR report says some cats are being caught up in the north pool. Can you confirm?

  3. King

    I'm not sure if their catching any cats or not. But I don't remember seeing much fishing activity latley in the spot the ODNR was talking about. Usually during the warmer weather there are quite a few people fishing in that area. But maybe most people just don't want to brave the cold to fish.
  4. That's funny, I was casting a bucktail across from the beach yesterday and the trebel caught a shad right between the eyes. Poor little bugger never knew what hit him. Guess we found a new method of catching shad. BTW you can find my bucktail hanging from a tree along side the road on the NW side of the north pool. Casted too high and the thing did about 4 loops.

    I found that Shad have that very distinctive smell like muskies do. It is the only other fish that I've found to smell that way. Odd.

    I have yet to see a muskie in CC. I question whether or not they're even there.

    Good luck.
  5. Front coming tomorrow, lazy. I'd be out there slinging the heavy lumber if I didn't have a previous obligation.

    Now get out there & CAST....
  6. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser

    I was fishing CC on Friday and only caught one 14" saugeye at Hazard Flats on a chartruese Lindy rig with bass minnow. But later I raised a Muskie on a Bagley e-z. As I was figure 8'ing at the boat, there he was just below me in the water. I figured he saw me about the time I saw him. It was quick, but I'd estimate between 27-30". I tried spinnerbaits, cranks of all sorts, but couldn't get another follow from him or a hit. But I definitely saw a Musky at CC on Friday. :)

    They are there, I just don't know how to catch 'em yet!

    I went to the WBZI Muskie Bait Swap Meet today (Sunday) in Xenia. Not many people there, but great deals on new and used muskie baits. I'm loaded up now, so that muskie better watch out, I coming back for him! ;)
  7. Cincinnati

    I've about wore may poor arm out winging those musky baits with not much to show for my efforts. But I'm not about to give up, but I may have to go back to trolling for a day or two. :D

  8. The magic of "the follow" - Nothing livens up the day like the appearance of a fish @ boatside!

    There'd have been ONE more guy @ the bait swap if I'd known about it.
  9. I had planned on going to the bait swap myself but I was on the lake.
    It was put on by Calvin Pyle who does an hour long outdoors radio program every Sunday at noon. WBZI Classic Outdoors, I think it's called. 1500 on the AM dial.
  10. If you fellas start hearing loud noises, don't fret. It may be me using my new lure I found at a demolition company, invented by Mr. Nobel of all folks.....TNT. My arm surely won't hurt as bad throwing sticks of dynamite as it does chunking slabs of wood, hair, and plastic. I'm not sure of the legality of it all though, I guess it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. :)

    (this was meant in jest for those who cant sense sarcasm via reading)

    Scarlet...congrats on the follow, I've been praying for that (expectations are down from getting a hit, much less a hook up).

    thanks for the post