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CC Report 10-19-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lazy, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Water temp. 60 degrees, clarity 3 to 4 feet, water level 847.9 feet. Cast bucktails and Musky crankbaits in the south pool from 8:30 till about 1:30, nothing. I thought this would be ideal musky weather, shows you how much I know.

    I’m considering tying my own bucktails. Anyone have recommendation or suggestions for the proper size components, clevises, blades, wire, etc.
  2. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    I started when you quit. I started in the north pool about 1:30 and finished in the South pool about 5:30. Fished muskie baits until 5:00 with no luck and switched to trolling small baits a few minutes catching one crappie before leaving.

  3. Maraboo!! Fantastic action in the water & shrinks tight to the bait when lifted out, for less wind resistance on the next cast.

    I like big Colorados for good lift around snags & French blades for high-speed & low cranking resistance. My current favorite flavors are Mepps Musky Maraboo & Shumway's Funky Chicken.

    Can't speak to wire size w/o actually measuring, but if you hold up an Eagle Tail(which I believe is .051)next to a Mepps, you can easily see that Mepps uses thinner wire.

    Sounds like a great winter project.

    Now get out there & CAST....
  4. Thanks for the info. Cincinnati. I just put in an order today. I hope to be able to crank out one or two bucktails while the weather is still good enough to get out so I can see how they fish and what changes I need to make. If not it will keep me busy this winter.