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CC Report 10-07-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lazy, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Water temp. 65 degrees when I arrived at 7 AM and 67 degrees when I left at 12:30 PM. Water level down to 847.8 feet from summer pool at 849.0 feet.

    Cast for Musky, all I did was get snagged and PO a bunch of Harons. On the plus side the weather was nice, with the leaves changing the lake was beautiful and I got to watch a Red Fox hunt along the bank, neat.
  2. Fins


    I got to CC about 10am and pulled out about 7pm. Fished every spot I could for Crappie and Bass with a friend and his boat. Skunked. You were right it was beautiful on the lake today. Just wish I would have found more action. :eek:

  3. Don't be discouraged, guys.

    I don't have much confidence in steady, clear weather - like we've been having. I prefer to fish in overcast/changing weather - the "front of the front," so to speak. Caught my 2 best muskies on sudden changes in the weather.

    Hoping for some change next week - maybe Tuesday....?
  4. I was out too yesterday. I fished the south pool up in the creek mouths. Bass busting shad, I got 3 keepers, 2 on white buzz bait and 1 on silver 5 inch senko. All the bass close to 3lbs. Bass were busting shad past noon! I also went through a box of wax worms catching bluegills and crappies on white hair jig below a bobber (4ft). 2 keeper crappies 10+ inches. all bluegills and crappie came in less than 8ft of water.
  5. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser

    On the water at 7:15 at North Pool. Joined two boats at Hazard Point, but other than an occassional tap, no fish. We tried blade baits and drifting worms and minnows on jigs and phelps. Trolled over to SW of Walker and caught a white bass on blade bait, but nothing else. Then long-lined around Walker, with no luck. Marking lots of fish in 14-18 FOW. Tried casting on Walker flats, no luck. Next tried casting in coves, no luck. Next fished the bridge footings and picked up a nice smallmouth on jig and worm. Finally found the saugeye about 3:30 scattered on the humps near the park beach. A beautiful and windy day on the lake, should have been a good one for eyes, but no one was reporting much success, even crappie and gill fishermen. Still better than going to work!