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CC Report 10-01-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lazy, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Cast Muskie lures in the North Pool from 7:30 AM till Noon. Caught one 15 1/2 inch Bass. Water temp. 69 degrees, water clairity 2 to 4 foot depending where you were.
  2. Fins


    I was at CC tonight and saw 100s of 10" muskies just floating around the rocks on the south end of the north pool. Some floating belly up. All seemed very lethargic. Is this typical of a muskie, or is there some reason for this behavior? Caught a couple of nice smallies on nightcrawlers. Threw a 4" pearl rubber shad with no luck for the bigger muskies.

  3. Not sure Fin, but I had heard they were suppose to stock Muskie again this fall so maybe they were from a recent stocking.
  4. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I hope they aren't losing alot of muskys at the stockings. I suppose there would be a few die in transport.
  5. Someone who saw this should report it!!
  6. I also noticed that the Wildlife News
    Ohio Department of Natural Resources has stated that some of the Ohio lakes are starting to turn over which can cause some muddy or stained water conditions. I did notice that the water near the south end of the lake was stained while the water in the north pool was much clearer. I'm not sure if the turn over has any effect on the fish or not.
  7. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    C.C. was stocked on Friday afternoon at the North pool ramp. I would have liked to have been there but I had to work. :( It made the Evening news so I did get to see it on TV.
  8. I caught a 6 lb bass at my grandma's a few weeks ago on a rubber worm. It is in Medway just north of Dayton. It seems I have been catching alot of crappies on spinner bait as well. Has anyone else been experienceing the same?
  9. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser


    I was at the Muskie stocking on Friday. 3,000 of them! Afterward I notice only a couple of the white bellies facing the sun. If more went belly up afterward, it is very sad. The whole process appeared gentle, except for being sucked out a hole in your holding take and whoosed into the new home. I sure hope the death rate was low. I'm sure it was a shock to them. I heard one ODNR officer project that these fingerlings could be 15-18" next summer and continue to grow. The socking should make for some great fishing in the future.
  10. Fins


    Thanks for all the replies. I am fairly new to fishing more than the occasional outing. I really have learned a lot reading the posts, and fishing has become a lot more fun. I am catching more, and bigger species of fish. As to the Muskies, I was out Sunday morning, and there were still some fingerlings on the rocks around the dock, but they were feeding and more active. I did suspect that a release had happened, but just was not sure. Of the hundreds I saw Saturday night, I only saw a couple that were floating belly up. I would say that is pretty good for a release of 3000. If you see me around the north docks fishing from the banks, give me a shout. I also fish around the marina at CJ.
    Scott aka Fins
  11. oh gezzz...
    I thought you saw 100's floating around dead...
    Aweful glad I was wrong...
  12. Fins


    Only a few dead, or belly up. The rest just looked to be stressed. You could reach in and just pick them up out of the water. It was weird.