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    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Put in around Noon, not ideal but beggars & choosy thing. Trolled Walker Island with Vib-E (silver & tiger) and Rapala (black/white) shad rap. Caught two saugeye on the rapala and three white/hybrid bass on the silver vib-e. Picky fish.

    Worked some shoreline NE of Walker and pulled a nice largemouth out of some fallen timber. Used Slider worm system (4" black with yellow tail). Sat on the Furnas "hump" for a bit ... got the snot knocked out of us by pleasure boaters ... headed for safer waters south. (Sonar showed the fish hanging on the drop-off from the hump on west and south sides)

    Night fishing, worked the coves east of Wellman. Caught a big Drum (the fish ... :) ) using nightcrawlers. Catfish bite was off, tried six different places and couldn't manage more than a curious nibble (used fresh cut bait and Gulp garlic sauce).

    FYI Warning ... Water level near Haines ramp / cove is about 8" inches. Tried fishing the first cove west of Haines ramp (full of standing timber) but needed waders instead of a bass boat.

    My two cents on CC: LM Bass fishing ... Don't fall in love with any one area, hit different shore / structure on each visit. Doesn't matter if it's main lake or back-bay, shoreline with cover hold LM bass. Look for shaded spots and rocky areas. Fish slow and easy.

    Goog Fishing !!!