CC on 03 Aug and Rocky Fork on 06 Aug

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    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    CC was in great shape. Lake is always a puzzle but the more time you spend ... the better your personal map gets !! Fished the shoreline across from Furnas and caught a few nice largemouths (used 4" worm, black with red tail, Slider rig). Just took our time and fished slow, did pretty well. Trolled Vib-E around Walker Island and landed a 19" Drum (check pic, I think it's a Drum). Never saw one that size, normally their 8-10 max for us. Was surprised by it's size. Trolled for Muskie from Water tower cove down past 73 bridge ... darn things still shy around me, no bites. Ended the night fishing for cats down east of Wellman, caught Flathead, Carp, and a couple small Channels ... all on worms and Gulp garlic spray.

    Rocky Fork is also in great shape. Water clarity is about 5 feet and temp was 82. Fished the south shore across from the marina all the way up to the dam ! Explored coves and stopped at all the stone and rocky spots. Again, caught Largemouths of various sizes (used 4" worm, black with red tail, Slider rig). Bite was pretty constant all afternoon. Tried a few different spots for catfish that night, caught one nice 4lb Channel but never found a spot that seemed active. Spots tried ... South stream around "Boat Camp" area, NE cove at top of lake, East shore near wooden docks, and past Sailboat harbor near boat ramp and small, overflow dam.

    Still seeking good catfish spots at Rocky Fork, will find some eventually.

    Personally, I like the challenge of fishing CC. There's plenty of good fish in there, just takes time to locate and pattern them. We usually have one specific rig that we fish most but we each keep two other poles with different stuff and experiment often. Top water, spinners, worms ... sometimes cranks but we always seem to get better bass with Slider worm rigs.

    Just my two cents ... if it's worth that much !

    Good Fishing !

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  2. Nice report, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you did really well. Rocky Fork is one of my favorite lakes, but I don't get down there as much as I'd like. Always good to hear a solid fishing report,