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CC Musky

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lazy, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. I hope I’m not wrong in post this, I’m only doing so in hopes that we may all benefit from it.

    Lately I have noticed that there seem to be more postings regarding musky fishing at Caesars Creek, although I have very few postings about fish are being caught. I have been mulling over the idea of a pooling of information of those that are fishing for Musky that may benefit us all. Since I have not caught a Musky worth bragging about I have nothing to offer so I have been very hesitant to post the suggestion.

    But my thoughts are that if we pool what information we have we may be able to establish some patterns that will work for Caesar Creek. I’m not looking for, nor do I expect anyone to give up a location where they have caught or are catching fish. What I’m suggesting is posting information like, water depth, lures used and retrieve used, what has and what hasn’t worked, thoughts, suggestion, etc. It will be a lot easier for a group of us to figure out what will and will not work on Caesar Creek than it will trying to figure it out individually. The state has stocked a lot of Musky in Caesar Creek, since I have not seen or heard of any dead fish sightings I have to assume they are still in the lake, so why aren’t they being caught. I think it’s because we just haven’t hit upon the right pattern for that lake yet.

    What’s your thoughts on this ??
  2. I've seen several internet postings boasting of the "incredible fishery" @ CC, but I'm not convinced that there's substantial population of "catchable" fish YET: Annual survival rates are low & I believe that many fish are killed, inadvertently or otherwise, by anglers targeting other species.

    However, I have actually had A (as in "one") follow on each of my last 2 excursions, so maybe I'm just a really bad fisherman who's finally having a tiny bit of luck.

    That said, I'll gladly share the deep details of my failures & shallow success w/interested participants who don't mind reciprocating.

    Bring it on, Lazy!

  3. If you read this week's ODNR fishing report, it mentions muskies being caught in the coves at CC.
  4. A good idea. For what it's worth, I've been trying to troll with anything that looks like a shad (well in muskie lures that is). That accounts to the Rapala Shad rap. I've had no luck with the rest of the usual assortment of jerks, bucktails, and smaller rat-l-traps. I guess I'll check out that ODNR link. As I mentioned before, I actually caught a shad with the bucktail. A sick kind of joke by the fishing gods I suspect.

  5. as a caveot, from the ODNR website "Caesar Creek Lake ( Warren County ) - Muskie anglers are having some excitement with 30-36 inch fish by casting large shad-colored crankbaits in the coves with standing timber. White bass in the 9-12 inch range are hitting on curly tail jigs and blade baits. Diving groups of seagulls are often the tell-tale sign that a school of white bass is actively chasing small shad near the surface. " This sounds like a CIA report to the Pres.... (not to start a political thread but more for the humor of it).
  6. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser

    Lazy -- I think sharing some information is a good idea. I'm normally a catch, take a photo and release guy, so am bringing that same mentality to this idea. Muskies are a precious resource and big muskies are treasures. The only way we will get a good big musky lake is to return all back to the water (after taking a photo or two, and a scale for documentation to Husky Musky). Sharing lures, depths, structure is useful information. So here's mine. I had a follow this past Friday on a Bagley e-z in walleye color (kinda looks like a shad). It was in timber in the water near some shallow water. Saw him/her as I was figure 8'ing at the boat. Probably saw me about that same time. Several bass anglers have reported hooking muskies while fishing lay-down timber for bass. CC offers alot of food for the muskies including shad, crappies, bluegills, white bass and saugeye. So finding some good feeding patterns will help everyone. Only my thoughts.
  7. My concern is that if the state see's little or no indication of interest in Musky fishing at CC they might decide to stop their stocking. I have no idea if they follow the posting on this or any other board but any postings that show an interest in the Musky fishing at CC can't hurt.

    10-29-04 Put in at the North Pool ramp at about 8am, water temp. 60 degrees and 62 degrees when I left at about 2:30pm. Cast and trolled the Hazard Point area, nothing. Crossed the lake and started casting the down timber. At about 11:30am caught one 12-14 inch Musky on a blue/silver Grandma worked as a jerk bait. Came out of 6 to 8 feet of water. No monster but it was a Musky.
  8. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the covers for Musky but perhaps it may be worth while doing so. I’ve talked to a few Crappie fisherman who have said they either caught or lost a fish they though to be a Musky while fishing for Crappie. And those after Crappie do a lot of fishing in the coves or around other suitable structure on the banks. Something to think about before the next trip to the lake. :)
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    As a non- musky fisherman, I'll make a few observations. This is the type of thread Musky hunters need. You guy really need to pool your info together and see what gives at CC on the musky situation as Lazy has suggested. The more info given in a situation like this, the better off all musky anglers are for the better of the sport. I for one have seen and know for a fact that there are some LARGE musky in this lake. I'm talkin ones over 40 inches. I believe what Lazy is saying is a GREAT oppertunity for all of the musky anglers. I'm really interested in seeing how this pans out. Good luck to you guys and hopefully we will see some good reports. I'll keep my eyes/ears open also, as I do visit this lake on a few occasions........ CATKING :)
  10. “My spot” is a creek mouth which drops quickly into deep water. There’s standing timber in the creek & a couple of significant laydowns @ the mouth. Casting into a creek mouth, depending upon its width, is, in effect, like casting to 2 points @ the same time.

    Here’s my dilemma: Were the fish staged on the laydowns, in the timber, or on the points? Water was quite clear, so the fish may have come a fair distance to chase the bait. The first follow came from the standing timber, right @ the creek mouth & almost perfectly centered between the banks. Second follow seemed to come from one point, near a laydown.

    I’m now searching for similar spots incorporating as many of the same features as possible.

    The bait is a firetiger Manta gliding jerkbait. I fish it erratically & as slowly as I can w/o allowing it to sink into immoveable snags. Change-up baits failed to move the fish again.
  11. Sometimes I attach a 2 inch twister tail to the rear treble hook of what ever lure I’m using just to the lure a little added action. I have caught Saugeye and Bass on Musky lures using this technique but so far no Musky. Perhaps this could trigger a strike in your case Cincinnati.
  12. This information was obtained from the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club web site at

    You can join the club by either paying dues or catching a Musky over 42 inches and turning in the scale sample. Over the past 5 years a total of 32 scale samples have been turned into the club from Muskies caught at Caesar’s Creek, 24 of those fish were over 30 inches.

    This number may seem low for the number of fish that have been stocked but if the number of postings here are any indication there are not may of us targeting Musky.
  13. eagleclaw

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    i left musky capitol of the world in july which is casslake in northern MN
  14. Eagleclaw,
    We will welcome any knowledge you care to share with up on how to catch Musky. What works in MN may or may not work here but the more information we have the easier the puzzle will be to solve.
  15. finally saw a CC muskie this morning in the north pool. followed a rapala shad rap (perch of all colors), let me see his back half. i'd say about 3 foot long by the looks of the girth and tail. talked with a guy who said he saw a bass fisherman take a 40 incher on a spinnerbait just south of the 73 bridge last week. He said the guy kept it...what a shame.