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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, although I have been reading your posts for a while, I finally decided to join.

    Anyways, I just started my summer job with the Corp of Engineers at CC this Monday and was down at the fising area just below the dam on Tuesday afternoon. There were two older gentleman sitting there fishing for crappie when one guy hooked into something huge!! After 1/2 an hour of fighting he had a 40+" muskie into the bank and i was just reaching down to land it for him (as I had gloves on and he was a little worried about a large toothy fish he had never caught before) when his line snapped. Here is the lesson, to all of you who think you need a boat to catch big fish, this gentleman had a 1 inch minnow set up for crappie from the banks and hooked a monster.
  2. welcome to the forum,lots of nice people with a lot of great info.

  3. I used to hear those stories all the time up on Cowan. Seems the crappie fisherman are the first ones to start catching big musky. That sounds like a full grown musky. I think my fishing buddy and I are going to do some musky fishinig on CC this year. Anyone have a good time to try casting cranks for musky? I remember the musky on Cowan used to get fired up near the end of June and the first part of July. Any thoughts for a musky newbie? Of course we will be throwing Smack.
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    As soon as the water clears up some you should be good to go. Looks like we are stuck in a cycle of rain though, it is in the forecast for the next 5 days.

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    montagc Always an inch shy

    The musky wasn't after the minnow, he was after the crappie that ate the minnow most likely....

  6. I should show you a map of all the areas on CC I pound for muskie... they are all worthless... just avoid everywhere I fish and your odds go up dramatically! skunked again today... fished about 4 hours
  7. Hey Jackfish, thats the kind of luck I normally have. Between the two of us we should get that lake whittle down to size!

    Montagc, I'm sure musky will hit a small fish being caught, but the stories I've heard is that the musky hit the crappie minnow. I caught a 12 lb musky on a small flying lure. I thought I had a log until the thing jumped. Way bigger than the rock bass I was fishing for. I want to catch them on purpose now.
  8. I was fishing for Saugeye this morning when I caught this! Picked it up on a 1/8 oz Roadrunner with a minnow. It took about 15 min to land the fish with 6 lb. line. Fish was released with out harm to fight another day. It took the bass minnow just like Saugeye did. No doubt it was after just the little minnow. I think I will down size my bait a little next time I fish for Musky!

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  9. Congrats on the fish Jighead!

    BTW, you look like the fella that was giving me some pointers for saugeye on the boatramp Sat afternoon - was that you?
  10. I talked to a few people at the ramp saturday. Were you the one that looked in my live well?

  11. Nice catch and good looking fish.Looks like some Muskies are now being caught at C.C.Good luck with more...Roscoe:B
  12. Fished below the dam today and my brother and myself hooked into a muskie that looked about six pounds but it broke off each time we set the hooks.
  13. that was me:) Thanks for taking the time to give me the pointers, I'm looking forward to trying for a few.

    And btw, the saugeye fisherman even catch more muskie than me, why can't I admit defeat? CC just beats me down, yet I keep coming back for more:p
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    montagc Always an inch shy

    Yeah, they will eat anything, I just figured with the pike-eating pike pics out there, it might get a laugh. I actually hooked and fought a 24-30" pike on a 1/16 yellow grub on Lake St. Clair. The water is very clear, and while fishing for rock bass in 2-3' of water, this pike followed my grub to the boat. I saw it, dropped the bait back a bit, and the pike just nipped the bait ever so gently into its mouth. Fought it with 6lb line and no leader till it flipped itself out of our landing net. Couldn't believe I even got it that close.