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CC muskie report (3rd hand info)

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Alter, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. I know there are a few people here who are interested in any ski info from CC so I figured I'd pass this on. Apparently, a good sized fish was pulled out of the upper end of the lake either yesterday or Saturday. I guess the fish was around 40" so ,while it's no beast, it's potentially bigger than all but one fish I've heard of being caught at CC. The fist bit a supershad rap.

    Right now I'm not sure who caught it or if there are any pics. My dad emailed me the report earlier today and his emails require a decoder ring to interpret, he types in hillbilly English ;)

  2. Pike


    That's some good news. I hope to hear more reports like this. Please let us know if you hear anything further.


  3. All CC muskie info greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Alter.
  4. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    I'll check a couple sources and see what I can find out. I'm over due to hit C.C. I've been waiting for the Fall season and doing other things but you can only go so long without wetting a line. :)
  5. Yes, I'm also waiting for the water to cool & the pleasure boat traffic to subside & then it's time to bring out the old red boat....
  6. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    I need to get more I'm out. I.m contacting the News Paper. There has not been enough samples turned in. I can't stress the importance of samples. I messed up and did'nt get them from my 15 incher.
    Hey Skippy, Roadman and I fished Alum with central ohio Muskie Inc. Cool deal, they caught some fish!!!! We mapped the lake. LOL
  7. While fishing for bass I was getting ready to lift my lure out of the water when a 24 incher hit. I had no time to fight him, just lifted him into the boat. I've caught two muskie's this year the other was 13 inches. Both on Bandit Series 200 lures in the Lousiana Shad Pattern.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think the fish mentioned in my above post had it's scale samples collected either :( Dad knows to get get scale samples and he should of mentioned it to the guy when he landed the fish but he forgot in the excitement (dad was probably too busy shouting orders on how to properly land the fish to think about scales :) ). We don't know who caught the fish, dad didn't recognize the guy and from dad's account of the story the guy was a newbie to landing big fish. The only other info I have is the fish was caught trolling on a fairly long line. The worst thing is that even though the fish was released I doubt if it made it. From what I can tell, it took the guy a long time to land the fish and he was using lighter tackle so even though the fish swam off, it's likely dead. Dad was screaming at the guy to use his trolling motor to close in on the fish but the dude was afraid of losing the fish so he wanted to keep it on a tight line... doesn't due much good to catch and release if the fish is exhausted at the end of the fight.

    I'll be making my way down to CC to chase the spots and ski's this weekend. I'll probably be wading some of my favorite hard to reach-by-boat locations so if you see a guy in waders chucking big baits and fighting off water snakes that'll be me. :)