CC Marina Meeting Tonight

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  1. Just looked over the press release again. The release says to meet at The beach house located north of State Route 73 on Furnas Shore Road.
    I called Tim Carr, there was no answer. There is no Furnas Shore Rd. any longer. I know this because I looked on Mapquest. Furnas shore road is the Public Beach access road. The Meeting is at the Beach house at the beach(Where you Shower). That is what Michelle at the park office said. I also asked her where exactly are the 64 seasonal boat docks. She said that is a mistake as well. They were talking about the dry boat storage at the Beach Ramp. I dont know what the ODNR is thinking when they have a Press Release like this. How can a press release with these kinds of mistakes come across a desk and not clarify any of the obvious mistakes. If Tim Carr did not see this release he probably should not have his name and number on it. If he has his number on the release, he should have someone answer his phone the morning of the meeting. Nothing personal against any DNR Official, but c'mon guys, get it right. They have spent enough time writting tickets the last two weeks. They should have enough time to issue factually accurate Press Releases. Not to mention, man the phone that is attached to the article. Hope as many people can come to this as possible. Michelle was very helpful, if you need help call CC Office @ 513-897-3055.
  2. Crap, I just got notice that I have a emergency in the family. I have to go right now. I wait for this meeting for a few weeks, and this happens. Crap. Unbelievable. Hope someone from this site makes it up there tonight. If so, please give a summary of the meeting. Thanks Guys, Take It Easy.

  3. Did anyone get a chance to make it to this?
  4. I did not get to go. I heard that the news was there and they had a story on it. Hopefully someone out there has some info for us.