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  1. I have been out of town for a week hows the fishing at CC? I'll be there tomorrow morning looking for some Eyes. I broke out the crank baits and plan on trolling a little after some jiggin in the morning. Have any of you guys been catching Saugeyes in the last week or so? Any info would be nice. Good luck this weekend and I'll let you know how I do tomorrow.

    I'm in the blue ProCraft boat stop and say hi..
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    I tried for some 'eyes on Thursday, with one dink to show. I know nothing about how to fish for them at CC, but we threw jigs around points and drifted crawlers and minnows around points a a few flats that we found. We were trying to stay in the 2-10 foot range. Caught the only fish trolling a crank on a spot near timber where the depth went from 12 ft to 4 ft real quick. If you have any tips on saugeyes there I would appreciate the info. PM's are accepted!

  3. I know of a few humps in the north pool not far from the island. This is where I have caught maybe 30 eyes this spring nothing over 14". A few weeks ago I was told they were shallow but all my fish came in 15 fow. Didnt make it out this morning so I will try this evening. There is a island in the boat campground south of the bridge that holds Eyes this time of year. Thats where i'm gonna start.

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    Ceasars Creek is "CC" it is south of dayton :)