CC is muddy!

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  1. Went to CC on Friday. Very windy and water was muddy all over. Was out there 4 hours and no bites cept for the one 9.5" crappie my wife caught.

    I wonder how long until the mud settles?
  2. Same conditions yesterday, only managed 2 crappies. Furnas Shore ramp was near capacity when we arrived.

  3. Not many boats out saturday. Launched at the campground. No trailers when I launched and one when I pulled out.Water was muddy everywhere as was reported. Fishing was slow... very slow. Caught a dink about 10AM and a 4+ pound LM lunker at about 1:30. Fish was very shallow and very pale. Water was in the lower fifities all day. The rain early made it pretty chilly, the wind made it chilly all day. Two fish in 6 hours.
  4. It's not muddy at all...:) :)
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    Muskie fished from 12:30 to 5:00 PM from South pool to up in the creek with no luck. Lake temp. 57 to 59 deg. and creek was 60 to 62 deg. Too muddy to see trolling motor or transducer. Big flashy baits disappeared about 8" under the surface.
  6. How is the lake looking? I'm going out Thursday afternoon and trying to decide between the Dead Sea and Cowan?