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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Juggler21, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. I caught my 2nd Muskie today, my fishing buddy caught one also, bigger than mine, and we both missed good strikes. Lucky day!
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  2. As the "buddy", (Juggler21 is soooo... modest) we hooked 5 Muskie (had them on the line and saw them!) and landed two. Not bad for 8-10lb line, no leaders, and really fishing for bass or whatever!

    Damn, they destroy baits, our fingers, and gear.


    Also connected with 4 bass, but only got one into the boat........ : (

    I really wanted to keep a bass to eat, but the one I got in was not a keeper...........

    Anyway, for a boat fishing for whatever, unbelievable morning for Muskie!
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  3. BuzzBait Brad

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    Can't beat that. I need to start fishing that lake more often so I can catch more! They are such a blast
  4. Did they break off or spit the lures? Just curious.
  5. - One jumped completely out of the water and threw the lure.
    - One hit right at the boat, on the surface, scared the crap out of me, bent my pole double, and the lure just sprang up into the air.
    - One got himself around an underwater snag. We tried hard to maneuver around him and get him free, but ended up breaking the line.
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  6. It's really getting old not being able to see pics but congrats on the Musky fishing.
  7. Why are you not seeing the pics? I see them on my pc and iPhone. Is it the site or your phone?
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    Try signing into OGF on a web browser on your phone and then make a bookmark to home page (if you have an iPhone) I do that sometimes.