CC fishing on 16 July

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    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Put in at Furnas boat ramp, hit the water around 3:00 pm. Blue sky, water temp 87. Went just below the 73 bridge. Deep water and amazing amount of suspended fish, mostly 5-16 foot depth. Trolled, jigged, spinner baited, crank baited ... evil fish wouldn't eat anything. Fished until dark and chunked chicken livers in cheese-cloth around the bridge piers. Drifted back toward beginning of the no-wake area, no catfish biting. By 10:00 pm, all the suspended fish had left that area just south of 73 bridge. Stayed out until about 1:00 am, can't say we didn't try everything possible ... shore pounding to deep jigging. Total catch was one largemouth with a diseased snout and a couple small crappie.

    Always a good day when spent fishing ... catching would be nice but can't complain, could have been working!

    Better luck to All !