Cc Father's Day 2007

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  1. Took father-in-law to CC Sunday morning. As we were unloading the boat at Wellman's there was something busting the top just to the right of the ramp. Needless to say we ventured over that way and on about the third cast bam nice 12" sm. Hadn't caught a smallmouth out of the lake in several years. Caught 2 more short fish (bass) off that point before moving on.

    Told FIL we were going to fish a spot we had never fished before and after we started down this bank I couldn't believe I hadn't fished this bank before. Probably because it was on the main lake and it's usually to rough with all the traffic. Caught several fish between 10 and 13" and another 12" SM. About half way down the bank I had a vicious hit on the buzzbait and the fight was on a few minutes later landed a nice :B 18" LM that went 3.85 on the scale. CPR was administered however I had some problems downloading the pic on here and I think I have lost it. If I retrieve it, I will post it.

    Ended up catching about 20 fish in all but only the one keeper. All came on a buzzbait so it was a lot of fun on the topwater.... :)
  2. Good Day, sounds familiar though. 15-20 fish with one Keeper. Thats the Caeser way. Sounds like alot of fun. Wish I could have gotten out. Great Day on CC.

  3. Got the pic to upload... Here it is :B :D

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    Very nice lunker. take a look at my pictures of the one I caught last year in Deer Meadow Park (Moraine, OH) 4 1/2 pound 21" Largemouth.

    Congrats on a great catch, especially on father's day.