CC campground/fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by river rat, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if anyone was familiar with Caesars Creeks campground,(how the facilities are? if there is any decent fishing nearby?). I`m planning on taking my yak, anyone know if there is any good fishing within paddling distance? Thanks for any info. Hopefully the rain has let up for awhile so we can start hitting these rivers.
  2. Yes CC Campground is pretty decent. We have a family campout there every summer. There is the huge no wake zone right there. The creeks are decent fishing spots. There is a rock bluff on both sides as you are going up towards the creek. Then a big mud flat. The creek channel meanders to the left. After that take your choice of creeks. Buck Run, Anderson Fork or Caesers.Buck Run is smaller clearer and shorter. Anderson is similar but bigger/longer. Then Caesers is pretty long. In a Yak you could go miles north. All the way towards Xenia Township.

  3. Get a site in either of the pet loops all the way at the end. Nice and quiet and you can walk to the water. Put in your yak at the campers beach and fish away. I'll be there for the 4th as usual...
  4. thanks for the info guys its well appreciated!!