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  1. In spite of the unfavorable weather forecast I plan on making one last camping/fishing weekend. Does anyone know if the docks are still in at the ramps, particularly at the campground. Or will I have to drag the boat over to the North pool ramp?
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    All ramps are in as of 10/22 evening. Water was low 60's to high 50's. Not a jet skier or pleasure boater to be found. Alot of fellas chunking musky baits, and a few duck hunters. Be careful when launching boat early, the ramps have frost on them, making them slippery. Also the water is down, and lower end of the lunch ramp has mud, sand and rocks, making your trailor uneven...just pay attention. Good Luck

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  4. I was there Monday,temp 65. The lake is low but the docks should be in until at least November. The North Pool ramp is very nice. (New)
  5. I was there yesterday Thursday Oct 23 and the docks were in . Just look for the seagulls and you will find the fish .
  6. Thanks for the info. We had planned on going down last night but with the rain forecast for most of today, the wife nixed it. So I went to work today, save the vacation time. Plan on going tomorrow morning.