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  1. has anyone been to cc lately? im very limited on where i can fish next week so im trying to located a spot at or around cc even just to get a line wet. thanks

  2. Here is a post from tom dietz site.

    "Caesar Creek flood"

    Went to the lake today with the blind Squirrel and you can fish in most parking lots on the lake. We put in at the Furnas ramp and it was not bad getting in but the lake is way out of it's banks of course and the water is pretty stained but it was 44 degrees in some spots but the main lake is about 40.5. We had 1 fish take a swipe at Rogers bait, never saw it again.
    about 4.30 we were about to leave the cove by the bridge and all of a sudden Roger changed sides of the boat and I had my foot on the trollin motor foot control and the next thing I knew I was in the lake with. If you have never been in 41 degree water with lots of cloths on trust me it's not easy to swim and you get cold fast. Got to the boat and then worked my way around to the motor and used it to get myself started in and then Roger pulled me on in. I had some other cloths and so I was able to get into some dry stuff but I was shivering pretty bad by the time I got the dry stuff on, also had some hot coffee and that helped. drank my coffee and then we went back to fishin. Just glad I had someone with me, No vest on but I have been wearing it when I'm by myself in this cold weather. could have been a lot worse but as they say alls well that ends well. except for my phone that is, it seems to be trashed but I'm hoping it will be ok after it dries out
  3. You must be a cat; and only have eight left! Unless you had some kind of SUPER PHONE it’s toast.
  4. The best thing to do to save the phone is to remove the battery and place the both in the suniest window you have. Let the air dry it out, don't try to speed up the process (hair dryer, etc.).

    We recovered one from a houseboat trip that has in 12 foot of water overnight. Air dried it out, and it worked the next afternoon.

    Glad to hear you made it out of those frigid waters!

    be safe!

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    Although I've never tried it I have read in several places, put the phone in a ziplock bag w/ some dry rice and it is supposed to help draw the moisture out of the phone. Like I said, I have never had to resort to this technique but there are people who swear by it
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    In my case the phone was fine once it dried but I had to replace the battery. Don't know why but the Verizon guy said that happens a lot. Also, don't try to tell them that you don't know what happened. The phone and battery have a moisture sensing patch that cannot be fooled.