CC after the Rain

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by C J Hughes, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Has anyone been since the rain ?
  2. CC is up about 11ft. right now and coffee colored. The little miami is running at 13 +- feet so until that comes down, they will not release much of the lake to bring the level back down. I saw many boaters turing around after realizing that the boatramps are flooded. A couple launched but it looked rather unwise in my opinion. It probably won't be until Sat. or Sunday before any major releasing takes place to lower the lake and it will take it even longer to clear up!

  3. Just got back from checking wellman ramp. Water is above the entire lower parking area and covers the lower half of the upper area. There are a few trailers parked in some of the slots near the johns, but if the lake rises a foot or two more those will also be under water. If that happens, I'm sure the barriers will go up to prevent access. Might happen anyway once those few boats are pulled out.
  4. Thanks for the info guys ,looks like Erie might be the place to go this weekend.
  5. Wellman ramp parling lot is flooded, and the water is extremely muddy.
  6. Yes, Get my stuff ready for the big water. I was thinking Erie as well. There is supposed to be a tourney at Paint Creek but I imagine it will be awful. My wife wants to go to Cedar Point with a friend so I think I will be going to Sandusky Bay. I am going to check the reports there right now. Everyone have a safe weekend and lookout for that swift water, Be Safe. I would think Rocky Fork is about the best bet down this way. Paint, Eastfork and Caesars all have to be to high and muddy.