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cc 9/27

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by itroll2, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. itroll2

    itroll2 fishin IS heaven on earth

    :D fished cc today. got a late start as the wife wanted to take me to breakfast. she had to go to work @ 8:00. on water @ 9:30 am. put in @ north pool beach ramp. on arrival saw a 1/2 dozen boats on mud flat at hazard point by road bed. knew the eye bite was on. dont like to crowd so I headed to north side of walkers island. white bass bite on over there. nice @ 9 - 12 '' range. caught about a dozen @ the deep drop on almost every pass.hit mudd flat at hazard point as boats were all but gone. too late. bright sun up and bite gone. moved out tried humps on 73 south ramp. 1 eye on black n silver crank. headed in. talked to 3 different boaters. 1 single had 6 eyes on crawlers with bouncers all between 7 & 8 am, at hazard point flats. another couple team ( the Sheperds ) from Monroe had 8 eyes. all on walley divers silver black & chartruse again all between 7 - 9 am. only 40 ' line out. caught after talking, realized I went to school & played football @ Monroe with their son. nice folks, not tight lipped. they also had a mess of the white bass. the other single caught 6 on lindy rigs with a 3' leader and crawlers. same story, all 7 8:30 am. stopped @ Meijer on the way home & picked up wally divers. :D goin again tomorrow & will post. really wanted to go to C.J. that will wait till thur. as I'm off again.