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Cc 8/17

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BANDIT, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Hit the usual area around WellMans and got my usual small spot...
    :D [​IMG]

    Couldn't believe how clear the lake was almost reminded me of Table Rock. The next cast after catching that spot, I threw to other side of this tree and had a tremendous explosion on my buzzbait but no hookup, I cranked down again, he hit it again, still no hookup, I started cranking again and by this time it was in the top of the tree and I could see the fish. (I'm pretty sure 99% it was a muskie, probably about 24-30 inches long). He nailed my buzzbait a third time but still no hookup. I threw back in a few times no hits, did see him come up and nail some minnows. Tried some big crankbaits and a different color buzzbait but he would not hit anything again. Of course this all happened within the first 30 minutes, ended up with one small spot 6" the rest of the morning. Left at noon. :) :rolleyes:
  2. Thanks for the report Bandit. Looks like at least 25 want to know what is going on down there. Muskie fever, eh? (I have never caught it yet, really looking forward to it though!) Mean SOBS I hear. Those spots have to be bigger. Same yellow crankbait deep-diver? Have you ever tried the saugeyes at CC?

  3. Hey next time you get a muskie slashing at a buzz bait try to throw a floating rapala or similar bait at that spot and do a wounded minnow type retrieve but try to cause as much commotion with the bait as you can then let it rest for a few seconds.

  4. KING, didn't catch it on the bandit, been catching them on white buzzbaits, can't get a hit on a crank. On the saugeyes, not intentionally, however the weekend before Memorial Day I went up there on that saturday and pulled up on a point and my father-in-law threw out a red shad power worm and got a hit as soon as it hit the water, He missed that fish but we both started throwing the same worm and ended up with 4 eyes all over 15" in about a 30 minute period by just thrwoing it out and letting it drift to the bottom. After that time span we couldn't get another hit and have not been able to get a hit on that point since :( . ALTER, thanks for the info will give it a try next time... :)
  5. Was back on the lake today (8-20) as it is my last day of vacation back to carrying letters in the morning. Was in adifferent area of the lake fishing a lay down, threw a buzzbait, spinnerbait, crank, all without even a nudge from fish. I had a fluke on and threw it right up in the v of the tree and jerked it about 3 times and there was this massive explosion as my fluke and a muskie both went airborne :eek: , talk about heart stopping ;). Needless to say he missed the bait so I didn't get a hook set :( . There was a row of razor like marks in the bait where I figure he probably hit it with his mouth. This is the third muskie bite that I have had in the last month and I'm not fishing for them, I'm hoping that I'm destined to catch one, however then the problem is, is what I'm throwing going to hold a muskie as I have no leader or anything tied on? I figure if I do catch one I'll probably have him for a little bit then he is going to cut my line. Just a question...Is there also pike in CC? Maybe thats what i"m getting? I dunno...anyone else? :confused:
  6. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    There are no pike in CC, they must be muskie. Good luck when you actually get a hold of one and remember to get a scale sample and mail it in!
  7. A light-weight wire leader will greatly increase your chances of landing those devils w/o completely destroying the action of bass-sized baits. Go for it!
  8. catking

    catking Banned

    Alot of thoses toothy critters are caught by bassers. Be nice to read that you finally got one. Good Luck :) .THE CATKING !!!
  9. I was up in Canada last fall and was fishing submerged weeds for pike. For the heck of it I put on a buzz bait, was a blast watching them nail it but wasn't hooking up. Put a stinger hook on and started hooking them. They were hitting short. Might help on the muskies.
  10. for the suggestion Hunterm... I had thought of doing that but had not tried it as of yet. I went back to the same area sunday morning 8-22 and there was a pontoon on the tree where I had gotten my last hit with about 6 people fishing off of it. One of them said he had gotten a 14" pike :confused: ( I didnt question whether it was a pike or a muskie as I didn't want to start an argument), earlier on a floating rapala farther back in the cove in the shallows. Asked if he had taken a scale sample and he was not aware of the procedure (He is now). I went back past their boat and the minnows were gettting tore up by some small bass and I believe a muskie ( I saw him come out of the water). We threw buzzbaits, jerk baits, rapalas, spinnerbaits etc and couldn't buy a hit which seemd the norm for the lake the last week as I haven't talked to anyone that has caught anything working talking about. Maybe they'll turn on with this heat wave :D .