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cc 6/19 evening

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by hunterm, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Took a neighbor and his son up Sat evening. Fished the south end of the lake up in the boat camping area first. (to get away from the boaters, they were OUT). Anyway using waxies we caught a few smallish blue gills and crappie. Fishing was pretty slow. About 8:00 headed over to the "hump" and drifted with jigs/minnows. Didn't get a bite. Packed it in around 9:30.

    I think the combo of cold front and boat traffic slowed fishing way down.
  2. Not to get off subject or anything....

    CC is the main lake I go to. To fish, bike, hike, relax. I always have a great time whenever I go. BUT I do have to say CC is probably the most populated lake around with disrespectful, idiotic, ***holes that I have seen. And they seem to gather around the ramps. It gets almost to a point to where you feel guilty for trying to launch your boat to fish, when there are 4 ($60,000+) boats made for Erie chanting comments behind you thinking that it's going to speed you up.

    It makes me think that there should be a mandatory "etiquette" class taken when you newly register a boat.

    Thanks for letting me on my soap box. :)