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Cc 6/14/07

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nitro750, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. -Fished CC last night looking for bass. Launched at North Pool Boat Ramp
    -Water Temp 81-83 degrees.
    -Water Clarity- stained to dirty, lots of green algae forming near the dam.
    -Tried several baits; Carolina Rig Plastics, Tube Jigs, Crankbaits etc.
    -Fished 5-9:30pm.

    -Managed one 12" bass on a swimbait in about 5' of water.
    --Slow, hot evening.

    Anyone else out there yesterday evening? Any luck?
  2. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    I went 2 sundays ago bank fishing in the gorge. Caught a 20+ pound carp. My buddy caught a 5+ pound sheephead, a 5+ pound carp and a few gills.

    When the water is low the flock to the mouth of the gorge.

    Good fights. No chance though on braided line. haha