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Cc - 10/13

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cincinnati, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. My kind of weather today - cast for muskies from 8:30AM to 5:30PM. Practically had the lake to myself - may have seen 4 other boats. Water in the south pool as clear as I've ever seen it. Shad stacked up almost everywhere I went & many unidentified game fish periodically working 'em hard. Had the feeling that things were going to happen @ any time....

    Had several follows from carp: What's up w/that? The first time I thought it was a geographical accident but then the subsequent incidents were even more obvious. Some weird carp-sexual thing?

    Shortly after 5PM, a minor miracle occurred & I saw my first CC musky - a whopper of 20" or a little better. Struck the bait, followed to the boat & then chased the bait around every manner of figure 8 or figure whatever for about a 30 seconds, flexing his jaws & trying to grab the 8" lure. Wouldn't quit until I took the bait away. If I'd been using a bass bait, I'd have recorded my first CC musky capture.
  2. At least you did see a Musky. I chuck Musky lures and Bucktails from 7:30 to 12:30 with no luck. I usually always do my fishing in the AM, lately I have been wondering if I might have better results fishing in the PM.

    I also noticed fish working the bait fish, I think they may be Carp. A couple of weeks ago my brother-in-law cast a small countdown to a fish feeding on the bait fish and caught a 5 or 6 pound Carp.

  3. CC has a strange population of occasionally carnivorous carp. I've had days where I couldn't keep them off of a rapala. Most were hooked in the lip and the others were hooked in the face so they were obviously trying to hit the bait. They just seem to do that every once in a while but you guys aren't the first to notice the strange behavior. Any carp experts out there have an explaination for this? They might be frustrated at all the shad and are nipping at the shad to force them out of their area but I've not seen that at other lakes.

  4. skipjack11

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    I hit the North pool about 2:30 and the parking lot was vacant except for a couple of wild turkeys. :eek: There may have been more but they didn't let me get too good of a look. I threw muskie baits and bass baits. I had follows from carp and one hit a 1/4 oz. spinnerbait. I saw a 5" bass in the middle of a school of shad. They didn't give him much respect. They just stayed about a foot away from him. I hooked what I think was the same muskie I had hit about a week ago. Same exact spot,same size,same lure. Twenty some inches long and tossed the bait when he jumped.
  5. Carp are predators. They frequently take minnows and can be very aggressive. It is a fish that keys in on food which is abudant and available - at CC (and a few other spots) the shad are so abundant that the carp are keyed in on them. This isn't an unusual behavior.

    Joe C.
  6. Every fall on these and other forums we get reports of carp chasing shad. Apparently bass aren't the only species that take advantage of fall schooling shad. On the Carp Anglers Group forums I've heard of good fall catches of carp using shad as bait. So this really isn't unusual behavior, it's just not well known.
  7. My guess is that during Spring & Fall - cool water & low boat pressure - it's not as important to be on the water in the early AM. In fact, as the water warms into the afternoon, fish movement may increase.

    Regarding carnivorous carp - another reason why booming carp populations are detrimental to game fish.