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  1. Out again today, tossin a 1/8 once white rooster tail, caught several white bass, All jacks, my guess is another week or so for the females, depending on this cold front, Caught a nice saugeye, then fishing right where the Y is I tossed that tiny bait in about 6 inches of water where the sandy point is, saw a telltale swirl about 5 feet to the left of my bait and hooked up about a 36 inch Musky on 6lb test and a medium rod, fought it for about 3 minutes got it close to the boat once and it spooked, turned to run again and severed my line, sigh, got my heart pumpin though.

    Water looked a bit clearer to me today then yesterday, not sure about the temp,
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    does Y=ceasers and anderson ?

  3. not sure, you go all the way up the channel past the Haines rd boat ramp, you go up the creek until it Y's, but I don't know the name of the two creeks.
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    yes that is the juction. I have been up there once it is a nice long trip. Wasn't sure if Muskies were up that way since they like access to deep water, but they have to eat.

    Are you hooked on Muskie fishing now. Great rewards but a lot of fishless days.
  5. I without the doubt got the musky itch now, I've never been that excited hooking a fish, but when I saw that musky swell by the boat I got excited. I've already been looking for musky rods and reels. Any suggestions on a decent rod, reel combo that would work as an all around rod for a guy that got bit by the musky fever.
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    it is expensive

    go to Gander Mountain in Huber Height for the best advice.

    to do it right you need two or three rods, but one will work

    I use guide series rods because I am too cheap for st croix's rods. They are around $70.

    Reels are ABU Garcia C series or D Series (D Series are discontinue so get on the internet). The cadilac is Shimano Calcutter 400 ($150 or more)

    I use 6600D5, most use C series. About another $80 for either series.

    Need Big Net. A get a lure retreiver pole
    Good Leaders they are $3 to $4 each

    80# power pro line

    Lures are $12 to $20 each. 6 to 8 to start

    Hook Cutters, pliers, etc

    Polorized Glasses

    To save some money Got to Hot Deals on this site and search for the $10 of $25 dicks coupon. Print the coupon 4 to 5 times. You can get some stuff at dicks but there selection sucks.

    I have trouble spending $25 at Dicks but can spend $100's at Gander.
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    If you're really interested in Muskie fishing you should think about joining our club, Southwest Ohio Muskie Assc. (SOMA). Anything you want to know the club can help with and it's a good group of people. Check out our web site at We also from time to time have lure swaps at our meetings and that would be a great place for you to start a lure collection at a low cost. Last time I looked there were some rods for sale on the site, it might be a good start for you. If you have any questions about the club let me know.


    SOMA Treasurer
  8. Hey, mb5322 KY Chapter of Muskies Inc. is having a Guide for a day comming up in May. $150.00 for a two people al tackle and lunch is included. This would be a good way to get started and you can try different rods and reels. I personelly have 7 different combos, plus we will show you proven hot spots on Caears. Give me a call or email me