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  1. back last spring a friend of mine gave me a small Midland CB radio out of a camper he was stripping down and taking to the scrap yard. only thing was it didnt have an antenna. well, i picked up an antenna (magnetic base) at a yard sale for $2 this past summer. check out the CB, it worked great, i wanted to mount it in my old Blazer just to have something to listen to (since i am too cheap/broke to buy a radio;) ) but the magnetic base antenna just wasnt going to work out since i tend to go off-road quite a bit. last night i talked to a guy at work about finding one (used, and cheap of course) of those type you mount permanently to your truck, preferably a short one that can be mounted on your rear view mirror or in between the hood and front fender. he told me that you need to "match-up" an antenna with a CB (frequency, watts,...??) or you will fry the CB. anyone know what he is talking about and know how i would "match" one up?:confused:
  2. BTW, its a Midland model:77-092

  3. i am not sure if its still there. but there was a cb shop on north dixie. and you can go to any truck stop. would be my guess.
  4. I don't think that will work due to it causing the match to jump up real high. You might check to see if Radio shack carries one of those antenna's that mounts where your radio antenna is. There is a splitter so you can hook it to your am/fm radio and your cb. You will need to have the match check on it also. You can blow the finals out if the match is to high.

    Hope that helps
  5. Take a ride up I75 to exit 99, there is a real good radio shop there.

    I drive for a living, and I am given a different truck daily. All the trucks have different antennas from whips to firesticks to munky mades. I throw my old cobra 29 in and go, I rarely set my swr and have not had any problems for 8 years now.

    I don't think running it will hurt it, but thats just my opinion. That model radio does not have a great deal of power, and is probably pretty old. You can get them on ebay for 10 bucks or so.

    Instead of spending money on someone working on it or buying a meter, I would hook it up and use it. If it ruins the radio, throw it out and put 80-90 bucks on a newer cobra or something, they come with the swr meter built in.

    Good Luck with whatever you choose.
  6. Dink,

    Keep in mind that as long as you don't transmit, having an unmatched antenna doesn't matter.

    When you key the mike, or transmit, the cb sends the signal via it's power. The more unmatched your antenna is (unmatched meaning improper length in most cases), the more power that is not able to leave the unit via antenna. This is what will blow the finals. The SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) meter will guide you in setting the antenna at the optimal length necessary for proper transmission w/o damaging the unit. It's as simple as placing the meter inline with the antenna. You key the mike, the needle moves. It's been 30 years since I've tinkered, but the meter is usually white with a red zone. If you're out of the red, supposedly it's safe to use. You adjust the antenna up or down to make the needle on the meter move in the desired direction. There is an optimal setting that I believe is self explanatory on the meter itself. Once again, if you only listen and don't transmit, the antenna SWR doesn't matter.

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    Old Blazer? What year. I just bought an 85 Blazer in the fall and it had a CB in it that the guy didn't want. It's kept me well entertained on the highway. I hadn't realized how many truckers still use them but i have had some interesting conversations while driving. The only time I have a problem with the magnetic mount is going into a parking garage. Off road ha not caused any problems at all.
  8. its an 85 as well. i am positive i would rip off a magnetic antenna, some of the places i go through are so overgrown you have a hard time walking through;) . i know now what i need, plan on hitting up a local CB shop today, thanks everyone!