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Cavs VS Pistons

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by 02SpcGhst, May 20, 2007.

  1. What do u guys think? What will the series be? You saw in game 6 they couldnt do n e t hing without King James. Hopefully they can play well with/without him and win the series. He also needs to be healthy and play well. The pistons are a great team and i think we do match up well with them.
  2. I dont think the cavs stand a chance against the pistons, But i said the same thing last year and look what happend.

  3. it's goin to be really hard to win this series. The cavs will need King James to be at his best. I think they can win it in 6.
  4. Someone else needs to step it up to bring the double and triple team coverage off of James. He scored only ten points. Larry and Sasha really have to step it up. Z Shouldn't be the high scorer.
  5. What is up with Lebron passing away his chance to tie the game? The win would have been nice, but where is the killer instinct that Mike had to take it on his shoulders to win the game? Lebron has to be more assertive.
  6. He made the right play. On the road, take the shot to win the game. Donyell had a great look...if that shot falls, everyone is saying what a great play he made. He has to make that pass every single time the defense collapses on him.
  7. I agree. If he would have missed the layup it would have been even worse. Donyell was WAY open too. Shot what? 6-10 in 3's in one of the last games? Had a chance to setup and everything. He shouldn't have missed. Sucks they let Billups get those wide open looks late in the game. Gave away the points that lost them the game.
  8. The pass & (missed) shot was the correct choice IMHO. I posted before, & will stick to it, that the Cavs free throw shooting will be the difference. While Detroit was poor from the line, the Cavs made 11 of 17...that's under 65% as a team, & that won't win close games folks.
  9. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    If Lebron is such a great player shouldnt he of took the last shot??? :confused: All I ever here is how great he is, "the next Jordan" blahblah blah blah. He is SOFT and does not have the killer instinct great players do. When you are 6'8 250lbs and built like a tank and you dont go to the line 1 time something is wrong. Who is he Dirk?? He should stop shooting these "pretty" fade away jumpers and manup and got to the hoop hard. IMO he should of took one more dribble and went up strong against Rasheed because Tashaun gave up on him. He would of at least been at the line for 2 free throws and possibly had a opportunity at a and 1. Donyell for three when he hadnt hit one yet that game??? He is a streaky shooter at best!
  10. He's obviously not very confident going to the line...thats my only issue with LeBron.

    Anyone with half of a basketball IQ can see clear as day that LeBron is "the next" Magic Johnson...not Jordan. He and the Cavs are at their best when he is penetrating and distributing the ball.

    And even if he does try to finish that play himself...did any Cavs fans really want to see that game go into overtime?
  11. joe01

    joe01 Functional Fisherman

    you play to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  12. I sure hope we kick butt tonight..
  13. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    TERRIBLE.....What a crock of bs Lebron cant get a foul call in two crucial possesions and Rasheed throws Varajeo to the floor to hit the go ahead jumper. I am not one to blame the refs and the cavs had thier chances but damn!:mad: :mad: Hughes should find himself a nice spot on the bench next to Pollard and keep his warm-ups on because he is playing like a bum. I would of kept him on the bench and kept Gibson in to finish the game off. The joys of being a CLEVELAND fan huh?:mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. I just can't believe we threw BOTH of those games away.......26 points in the second half??????? What is this the WNBA?? I'm putting this one on Brown, they look flustered at times and that is a reflection of leadership
  15. I will also put the blame on Brown. That offense can be described in one word..."stagnant"!!! Detroit plays great defense, but when 3 of the 5 men on the floor are literally standing still, how tough is it to defend that?
    On the other hand, Wallace really got away with an offensive foul "no call", but one play should not have decided this game. Our pathetic offense took care of that!
  16. I'm pissed....But I guess its the first time a two teams have scored the exact number of points back to back games in playoff history and the first time a team has ever won two playoff games scoring less than 80 points. Lebron...damned if he does damned if he dosnt...but I think it was a decent no call.
  17. Lewis


    Larry Hughes is an absolute worthless overpaid bum that is really hurting this team.
    If he even shot 40% in both of these games we would be up 2-0 on the Pistons.
    See the typical miss?..a wide freakin open 7 foot shot to tie at the end.
    I wonder what his shooting percentage is for the playoffs?
  18. I didn't get to witness the game last night but I can fully agree with the fact that Brown has no ability to coach an offensive attack whatsoever. I have watched plenty of their games and I rarely see any flow to the offense. It drives me nuts to watch them stand around and run off the shot clock only to have Lebron or whoever try to create something as the shot clock is running out.

    No doubt that the Cavs are in a deep hole now but keep in mind that they lost two games that they could have just as easily won. If they come home and find a way to get the next two then watch out. Don't count them out yet.;)
  19. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    I don't watch Pro basketball during the season but I have been watching it since the Cavs are in it. I'm not impressed with Lebron. He can't even make a foul shot when he needs to!
  20. joe01

    joe01 Functional Fisherman

    He's a joke... Mike Redd looks alot better now Mr ferry