Cavs-I'm still proud!

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  1. Yes, the Cavs got swept. At the start of the season, how many of us EVER thought they would be 1 of 2 teams standing at the finish? We have a head coach who has only 2 years under his belt in that position, AND he lead them to the Finals...he will learn & grow. Michael Jordan was in the league 7 years before the Bulls won it all...King James a scant 4 years, AND that's out of HIGH SCHOOL! We have a number of fine young players...LeBron, Gibson, Pavlovic, Varajoa, Gooden, & Shannon Brown. Don't look down, look UP!! I do believe we will upgrade in free agency or through trades...that's due to a first class owner & front office. The passion to win is there. We have just gained very valuable experience. My last statement is.....let's keep Eric Snow on as a coach. He has a lot to share.
    Cavs....I am proud of your season & growth!
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    I agree althoughwegot sweept it was still a great season and post season. we beat detroit in the post season which was great andn we played well. this will give us some more experience and we will win a the trophy. so now it is time for them browns to do something. maybe playoffs at least in a couple of years.

  3. I too am proud of the job that the Cavs did on the season and this makes me optimistic in the future of the team. I agree with pretty much everything Ohiotuber said except for me the jury is still out on Mike Brown becoming a good coach. He has not impressed me at all this year and in particular the post season with his ability to create an offense that makes sense and his adjustments throughout a game. Last night they took forever to find something that would work offensively and that was to back Lebron down on the block with Bowen and create from there. The biggest question about that is why it took them 3.5 games to figure that out when Lebron has a couple of inches on Bowen and about 30-40 pounds. They spent far too much time in my opinion trying to free Lebron with screens on the ball rather than giving him space to operate 1-on-1. I know Lebron was not shooting the ball efficiently throughout the series but I don't think in a 1-on-1 situation that he would normally need to settle for outside shots.

    And why with about 40 seconds in the game last night did opt to play straight up defense and allow a full 24 second clock to run off? Their only chance to get that game at that point was to put them on the line and lengthen the game as much as possible.

    Yes, I feel the Cavs played pretty good defense throughout much of the series and everyone wants to give Brown credit for that. I feel that much of the reason they showed good defense was simply because of their effort and playing with heart.

    I was wondering last night as whether they may in fact be better with Snow coaching.:rolleyes:

    But all in all I still love the Cavs team and I hope they are able to make a few upgrades in the off-season and give it another run next year.
  4. Brian,
    I also have questions about Brown, but then I couldn't stand Billy B when he was coaching the Browns! He got them further than they've ever been, & I have got to feel he deserves more time to grow & learn. Let's see what next year brings.
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    No need to complain about coach Brown. Ferry will let him grow with the team. Name another Cavs coach that has done so well with one allstar on the team, and took them nearly as deep in the playoffs? I've been a Cavs fan since 71. Not even Lenny got them this far. Remember, he's the second youngest coach in the league. I think the only obstacle that will be in our way, for years to come, will be Chicago.... again. A lot of young talent there that will give us trouble advancing to the championship. We need a couple guards to keep pace with them. And a serious scorer coming off the bench. A sixth or seventh man that can come in and give us 15 to 20 points consistently. Gibson may fill that role but he's gonna have to work hard this off season on his defense. At his size, most taller guards will try to post him every play. ( mouse in the house ) S. Brown has to prove he's a number one pick by getting into the starting rotation. Also need a more consistent 4 spot. Gooden just didn't get it done consistent enuff. I still think we need to go after KG with a passion. With him in the lineup, what team would be better in the east? All in all i'm still proud to be a Pennsylvania Cav and will continue to root em on. Thanks for an outstanding season Cavs.
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    still proud, it was a fun season. the detroit series was classic.