CAVS Blockbuster 3-team trade!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by zachtrouter, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Its officical the cavs were involved in a 3 team trade w/Chicago and Seatlle. The cavs aquired Ben Wallace, Delonte West, Wally Syzerbiak, and Joe Smith. The cavs had 5 players in the deal. Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Cedric Simmons all go to Chicago. Then Seattle gets Donyell Marshall, Ira Newble, and Chris Duhon.
    I have been listening to 850AM on the way home from work since1:30pm then I turned it on when I got home.So many different trades and names were coming up involving cleveland. That is the way in panned out and what a good trade it was IMO. I hate to see Gooden leave but for the rest of those bums see ya'. I have wanted them to trade Hughes for 2 years. Overpaid wimp. He is always hurt and I think I could probaly outshoot him in the 15'-20' range. That gives the Cavs a GREAT defender in Big Ben and then a GREAT shooter in Wally Syzerbiak. WOW great move by Gilbert, Ferry and Co.
    PG: Delonte West
    SG: Lebron James
    SF: Wally Scyzerbiak
    PF: Ben Wallace
    C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas
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    Any trade in which they get rid of Hughe's salary is a great trade in my book. Like you said the only guy that will be missed out of that bunch is Drew.

  3. I think they will start Gibson at the point because West can play both guard spots coming off the bench.

    If Wally can avoid being a jerk (big if) I think he can be a 15-20 point guy consistently with LeBron opening things up for him.

    It will be interesting to see how Wallace plays with Z but I like the D (obviously) and it's a great move because of his help D. Aside from LeBron and Andy...nobody on their roster plays D.

    It will be interesting to say the least. I still like Detroit in the East but this may be the move to keep LeBron in Cleveland for a long time....and that's what's really important.
  4. A trade like this is a huge gamble. Probably the one that makes or breaks Ferry's position with the Cavs. It's as important as the trade made back in the 80s for..... Danny Ferry. That one didn't work out, and the Cavs didn't make the jump to the championship.

    Players aside, they blew up any chemistry that was building throughout the year. If will be a tough job to get it back before the playoffs. They got rid of some salary with Hughes, but gained a 13Mill salary next year for Scyzerbiak. On the plus side, they dumped Hughes at the right time, like selling a poor/fair stock when it goes to a 52-week high for a short period, only to see it return to the typical level.

    If Brown can get this together, he should be a lock for coach of the year. They now have some interesting pieces, and will be stronger once the three injured players come back. Wallace should make Andy stronger, and can teach him a few things. Maybe he can teach Z to dunk when near the hoop. They now also have a very strong backcourt.

    Traded six for four players - wonder who takes the other two spots?
  5. All I got to say's about time they did something.
  6. right now on espn they just said the cavs might sign a couple players to play friday if everything hasn't gone through. lets see how that goes
  7. My first thought on this trade was very positive and I hope that in the long run that is true. However, I can't believe that these guys will be able to make anything special out of this season. As Steel Cranium mentioned the chemistry has to be a mess now. Only time will tell how these guys all fit together on the court. When I look at the pieces I feel good. However what matters most is the total product. I think the best thing about the deal is that it didn't touch the best players on the team except perhaps Gooden.

    I think they only have 6 players active right now so it will be interesting to see what they do in the interim until they get these guys on the court. They really need to get healthy before we will have any idea what to expect from this team.
  8. That should make tonight's game interesting. This trade will end up costing them at least one game due to the temporarily missing players. Seeing how many seasons come down to one game and/or tiebreakers for position, this might cost them in the end. This game should look like a Sunday morning game on the neighborhood courts - Lebron scores 45, other guys just have to contribute what they can.

    On the plus side, the NBA season is long, with two months left. The chemistry is a big issue, but things like chemistry happen quicker when a superstar is on the team. Prior to the trade, the road to the finals goes thru Detroit and Boston. We seem to match up decently against Detroit, but probably didn't have the muscle to beat Boston in a seven game series. We were soft - Donyell and Larry were more finesse than power. Drew wasn't on the top of the 'physical' list for his position. Now we have multiple positions that can match up against Boston. Wallace is the enforcer that the Cavs haven't had since the 1980s.
  9. To me, this appears to be the best move Ferry has made. He needed to, because another bad move or no move may have been the end of him in Cleveland. I really won't miss any of the guys they traded...even Gooden, who had talent, but lacked "every game intensity". In fact, literally every player we traded was "streaky" or inconsistent. I think Wallace is an absolute key...with the type players he'll have around him in Cleveland, he should shine, & maybe we'll get some offensive boards. I'm very excited about this trade although, as previously mentioned, building team chemistry back is MAJOR.....let's just pray that this "new" Cavs team comes together as quickly as the Browns O-line did.
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    I cant believe you guys really think this is a good move.:( You dont over-haul the whole team half way thru the season. By the time they get to know each other, we'll be fighting for the 8th spot to make the playoffs. Ferry should have added one or two players but not give up 3 starters. And the guys they got in the trade haven't even played together. What kind of chemistry do you expect from them. Get the grill out. I'm hoping i have to eat crow about this cause i'm still and always will be a diehard cavs fan.
    For a second there, i thought Ted Stepian was still running the show.
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    How do you see it as a bad move???? With Lebron running things in cleveland and calling the shots I think that the chemistry will be a issue only for a short period. Big Ben is there for defense and rebounding. He will just be hanging around the low blocks on offense waiting for a shot to go up. Wally will have to learn the offense though and find his chemistry w/ Bron to get those open jumpers. He has been shooting great this year. I heard Ferry today on Mike and Mike in the morning say that he has had his eye on Donte West for 2-3 years wanting to get him into cleveland. Joe Smith is just another big man to come off the bench if Z and Big Ben are in foul trouble.

    They had to get rid of half thier team if they wanted to go deep in the playoffs. They might of been the softest team in the playoffs last year. Mikey Moore(NJ) made everybody look like on the cavs look like chumps against them in the playoffs as did Rasheed(DET). You cant let somebody continuasly push you around, get in your face, and yell at you after he scores. When that happens somebody needs to step up and knock them on thier ass. Big Ben wont hesitate to do that. The cavs got a lot stronger down low and on defense. I love the move and I know its going to pay off come playoff time!
  12. As the team was built before the trade, they didn't have a chance to make it back to the finals. They were lucky and good last year. Drawing an injured Washington last year was luck, leaving only a tough series against Detroit to make it to the finals. This year, they will have Detroit, Boston, Orlando to deal with. Matching up will more than one of those teams would be tough.

    In order to have a chance to get something done while Lebron was here, they had to make a big deal to get bigger and tougher. They did that plus got some better backcourt shooting as well. To make the financial numbers work, they had to include multiple players and teams to get other teams to take Donyell's and Larry's contracts.

    After having a day to analyze it, I don't believe that the chemistry will be an issue. Each of the new guys have been brought in to fill a role: Wallace enforces the middle (rebounds/blocks, the "Nate Thurmond" role), Wally waits for Lebron to distribute, Delonte plays the pure point, letting Gibson do what he does best = shoot, anything that Smith does is a bonus. These new shooters should help Lebron's triple-double count since they have better shooters to finish the deal.
  13. Did you guys see tonights game? It was a great one. That was a huge win for us considering the line-up we played with. I'm getting excited for the last couple of months of the season. If the playoffs started today, we would be playing Toronto.
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    42 minutes of play for a guy straight from a D league with great contributions - I'm feeling good!
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    Now that I've had some time to think about the trade a little, I love it! We gave up very little. Gooden and Hughes are not stars, Serviceable players yes. Not to mention unloading Hughes's contract. Cav's have added defense, outside shooting, and maybe (cross my fingers) a point guard. All good. Also, if and when they get healthy, they will have some great depth all through the positions.
  16. All in all I'm a fan of the deal...if chemistry doesn't turn out to be a major factor, I think it puts them near the top with Detroit and Boston.

    One thing that should be noted and, in my opinion, may be the achilles heel of Cleveland in the playoffs is the fact that they dumped their only 2 quality perimeter defenders. With Hughes and Newble gone, a team like Detroit becomes a matchup nightmare. Delonte West is okay but...Snow is too old...Pavlovic and Gibson are mediocre at best defensively...Sczerbiak has never been known to lock anyone down...and their shouldn't be a "D" anywhere in Damon Jones' name!

    I guess it's a good thing that Andy and Wallace will be able to play help D at the rim!!
  17. Here's my take on that. In the past, they got killed with giving up open 3 pointers by playing "loose" to prevent the drive & easy layup. I honestly feel that with Wallace, the guards will be able to play tighter & take away that open 3 as they won't have to fear so much being taken to the hoop. In other words, the defenders on the perimeter will not HAVE to be as solid. It's sort of like a mediocre football D back looking good due to a great pass rush....Besides, with Hughes & Newble on the floor at the same time, you offense usually went in the toilet.
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    Cavs dont have to worry about West being a great point guard. The only time he'll actually handle the ball is when Lebron is on the bench. Lebrons the playmaker, scorer, rebounder, and coach on the floor. Who sets the shooters up for their shots? And handles the ball 85% of the time. If Ben is standing around the bucket waiting for a rebound, he's going to be in Lebrons way when he goes to the bucket.
    And remember, Mikey Moore's team lost. So did Sheed's. Talking smack didn't get them to the finals did it. I could care less if those guys run their mouths as long as the cavs get the win.
    I'm looking forward to seeing wild thing and joe smith on the floor together. I think thats going to work out fine. 2 good hustle guys.
    Hey, where's Shannon Brown? Was he involved in the trade too?
  19. Shannon Brown went to Chicago in the deal...

    As far as Wallace being in the way...I don't think that it can be much worse than how it's been with Z. It's not like Gooden was automatic from 15 feet.

    As far as the Cavs guards "playing off"...that's what you have to do when you can't play D. Tony Parker won the Finals MVP and that certainly wasn't because of his range. He made Gibson look like an 8th grader...blew by him and dumped it off to Duncan. It doesn't matter who's playing post D when you have to try to stop penetration and dump passes.

    I would much rather have a team shoot 3's then have them make layups consistently.

    I hope they get it together though!