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Cavs-Anybody else wonderin' about Gilbert?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by ohiotuber, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. My thoughts....
    1-Firing Paul Silas before end of season...IMHO cost us playoffs. Big rap on Silas was no set pattern of subs....WHAT subs?
    2-Larry Brown?...truth or rumor? continuity 2 years?'s all we'll have him, IF we get him. He changes loyalties as often as many of us change underwear.
    3-My take...with Gilberts' Detroit background, bring me Dumars & Laimbeer! Both know what it takes to get to the top, both KNOW the game!
  2. Let me answer those one by one.:D

    1. I don't think Silas was doing the greatest job with the team and I think they can find someone every bit as good as him. I don't know anything about Mike Davis so I can't evaluate him. But since the Cavs missed the playoffs by a game I believe then it is very possible that the firing could have cost them a trip into the playoffs. I think a coaching change midseason will mess up most teams somewhat and could have easily accounted for at least one game.

    2. Nobody can argue the instability risk of hiring Larry Brown if it should happen. But I think there is less of a risk of hiring a president who is flight happy than it is to hire a coach. If they can get some good insight a nd direction from him before he decides to go with the winds then perhaps they will be better off for it. The difference with that at the coaching level is that the players experience a whole change of playing style and schemes whereas with a president it is more a change in the concept of bringing in talent.

    3. I am willing to say that Dan Gilbert has not been there long enough to pass final judgement on him yet. Granted I have not seen anything as of yet to feel good about either. I will give him this year to prove himself to me.