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Cave Run suggestions?

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by Rooster, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I will be camping at Zilpo over the 4th of July weekend. Not expecting much from the muskie, but you never know.

    What would you be throwing this time of year at Cave Run? I plan to hit the BIG weed bed near Zilpo with a Bull Dawg, but that is tough fishing from a kayak!

    I really want to throw some topwater. Any suggestions?

  2. If you want to fish topwater get a Topraider (black, or bullfrog) fish very early in the am or late evening. During the day, my guess is they will be suspended out over deep water and not easy to get to from a kayak.

    If possible please pay very close attention to the water temps as we are getting near the time of year when the muskie do not recover well from being caught.

  3. Actually the water temps are to high to be muskie fishin on the cave. They are low to mid 80's from the surface to about 10 ft down no matter if your fishin early or late. To dangerous on the muskie to be fishin for them this time of year. They can very easily die even after they are released. My suggestion is to lay off the fish until the water cools in September.
  4. Yep, if the water temps are that high I agree.