Caution - Zombies ahead!

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  1. PapawSmith

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    I read about that on a news site this morning and thought it was hilarious. Now that I've seen the pictures on your link, I was right...hilarious...potentially dangerous as the article stated, but hilarious just the same.
    I wish the hacker was a little more creative, you could really have some fun with those things.:p

  2. corndawg

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    Nazi zombies huh? Obviously a Call of Duty fan with too much free time on his hands. :rolleyes:
  3. i have enough guns to survive a zombie Apocalypse
  4. RareVos

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    Thank you for being weird Austin!
  5. tubuzz2

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    Guns are nice but ammo is what you need.
  6. H2O Mellon

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    People need to take this seriously. My cousin knows the hacker. The hacker was simply trying to give the local Austin's some warning. The hacker is privy to certain government secrets. The Zombies are real. There was an accident one thing lead to another and before you knew it a few zombies were seen. One zombie lead to two, two lead to three, etc... It's all part of the zombie master plan. It's their goal to wipe out the country by 2010, then the world by 2012.

    People think it's a laughing matter. It's not. We all need to be prepared. The hacker has warned all of us.
  7. H2O Mellon

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    First, understand this:


    Then read this:


    Get Some Thing Such As These:


    The First 2 Hours After Getting Bit:


    After A Couple Days Our Cities Are Going To Look Like This:

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  8. LakeRaider

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    Jeeze, and Red just yelled at me and Maggie (my choco lab) for getting ice cycles off the porch and coating them with peanut butter and chompin' away!
    Last week it was (what the hell are you doin' sittin in the hot tub with the Lab smokin' cigars"! The dog thought it was great. And you guys are worried about zombies? Pffftttt! :p Raider
  9. cantsleep

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    Remember guys, aim for the head. It's the only way to kill a zombie.:p