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  1. I just wanted to post this so that folks know to take extra care when fishing Wallace, and be sure to keep children in sight close by (you should always do that anyway).

    About two weeks ago a friend of mines 17 year old brother was fishing at Wallace and was approached at two different times by guys who were interested in "picking him up". He was not assaulted in any way, but when folks are hanging around bathrooms at a park hitting on kids (he is 17, but he looks younger), that concerns me.
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    Dont play around man, did your friend have a cell the ranger, police...ASAP
    Remember descriptions and body details, have your buddy still call in.
    These {word of choice not allowed} need found and destroyed.

  3. This was 2 weeks ago, and I do not know the kid well enough to convince him to call. His brother is the one who told me about the incident since I fish there quite often, but he didn't seem interested in calling anyone and reporting the incident. I even suggested to use a pay phone and drop an anonymous call to the police.
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    It happens all the time. I drive the parkway home from the airport to avoid I-71S traffic. I had to make a urgent pit stop at the bathroom at the first parking lot south of Bagley Rd when you get on the parkway. Some skanky weirdo comes in the bathroom and asks "you need help with that"?
    My first urge was to shove his face down the toilet but I went off instead telling to ride his little bike to Brookpark Rd and .......
    I don't care what people do in their own home but when they bring it into a public park that burns my rear (no pun intented).
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    it seems as though most of our public parks have become magnets for deviate weeny puffers. nimisila and gorden pk usually do stings to curb the action ,so to speak.
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    I get asked that all the time ! LOL !
    In all seriousness there are some real freakaziods out there, anyone that abuses or hurts a child should get one between the eyes imo....:mad: !@ !@
  7. Unfortunately, very old news. That stuff has been going on as long as I have been using the metroparks (for fishing) - well over 30 years. Seems to get worse in the north end of the park (lakewood area) but it seems to leak south since those areas are a bit more desolate. I was told at a young age by a guy who "played for the other team" if anyone asks "do you have the time", either rush to look at your watch or head the other way. Funny how guys who didn't seem to care how the fish were biting went so far out of the way to talk to a kid in a remote area of the park. The best thing a parent can do is somewhat scare their kids to recognize that in those types of areas some bad folks are around.

    Hmmm. Now I know why I didn't get too many responses from folks at the Maumee when checking it out last week. I guess a guy in work clothes (business casual) on a 90 degree day walking around the shore trying to find out about the area might be a bit strange. I guess that I should have been holding my rod (fishing rod, that is..).
  8. im from stark county! we have the same crap going on down here as well several time's in the past i have run into some really strange people while out fishing . once at beach city me and some friends from school were catfishing at the launch ramp off rt 93 we were there for around an hour or so when out of the darkend woods come this guy who scared the crap out of us cause he just showed up outta nowhere and just straight up asks for certain favors! that guy came real close to getting his arse kicked ! not to long after that they closed the ramp to the public because the water conditions were so bad you couldnt even launch . so the perverts moved to the rest area on rt 250 about a mile up the road. they ended up closing that as well. i dont fish there anymore.
  9. Edgewater Park is the worst. I used to wonder what all those guys were doing sitting in thier cars on a nice day in the park till I say a story on the local news. My wife and I have taken to calling them "whack-a-moles" because of the way they peek around from thier cars. The parks are too underfunded to deal with these guys. The news story said there was only one ranger to patrol all of Cleveland's parks along the lake.
    (440) 333-4911 is the Cleveland Metroparks emergency number.
    (440) 331-5530 is the nonemergency number.
    (216) 881-8141 is for Cleveland Lakefront Parks.
  10. Although not at Wallace the same thing happended to my 12 year old niece in front of Dicks Bakery in downtown Berea and actually followed her. She called me frantic so I went and picked her up and looked for the dude I guess he was driving a older ford ranger(tan). We filed a police report and just let them look into it and it honestly pissed me off enough to get me look at the child preditor list the county provides, I looked for the truck in at every address the county provided in Berea with no success. These people are scum and need to be used for cut bait. :F :D
  11. And how about fishing at 72nd while crackheads are getting their fix on the rocks?
  12. I was at linesville, pa at the new fish feeding area last week! I walked into the mens room no one around / and gentleman comes from one of the stalls! I was doing my business and he asked (do you need help with that! )I said a few choice loud words and he was gone! If it wasn't for such a long ride over there and I could have zipped faster and he would have been walking on the fishes backs! Thats not the first over there! I thought since they moved the restrooms it would be better! Humm I guess I think too much! Same thing happends at mosquito lake! They patroled packard park and chased them out now they are all at the state park! I would not send a young child in any restroom alone! always have someone go with them! There are some real freaky a$$ people out there! They need these!@
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    just on the news in the youngstown warren area yesterday. the same crap is going on at mosquito in the state park. the law made two arrests this week and 13 in the last two years (?). have even seen these pervs in mill creek park.
  14. I know a local cop and berea and he leaked a little bit of info to me that there was actually one of the berea city schools teachers who got busted in a sting operation at wallace. I guess this pervert who is around people kids all day was going up to people in the park and tying to get a little fresh. People like that need to be castrated.
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    I heard the same thing. In fact, I think there might even have been a news article on it, at some point.
  16. I didn't realize Senator Craig was visiting Ohio. (I couldn't resist)

    Seriously, let the cops know. They can set up stings. If you get no action, call a local TV station. They love to cover stuff like this and maybe it will push the police a little to do something.
  17. I guess alot of pervs hang out in the metroparks...My buddy also a Berea cop told me there are a couple of indicators of sexual behavior in the metroparks its a kind of a pervert code system.

    1. I guess alot of people looking for sexual stuff back into their parking spots and just sit in the car.

    2. My buddy told me that a huge indicator is when people sit in the parking spot in their cars with the trunk open for no apparent reason.

    3. He said the combo of the two above is a sure fire tip that the person is looking for sexual activity.

    4. Dont remember all of the details but a green shirt meaning "green light".
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    This provides a real visual...:eek: too funny. ! I'm glad my vehicle doesn't have a truck. :D
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    i guess they want some of your junk in their trunk????????????