causeway crappie fishing tactics?

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  1. hardwaterfan

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    ive only tried it once, under the 422 bridge on ladue, and i only caught one crappie. i cant remember what i used but i think i was casting a white curly tail grub. i can think of a bunch of places in NE Ohio where this could be done, and was hoping fishermen who know how to do this could explain what tactics they use to catch crappies under causeway bridges.

    id like to take just a rod and a few lures, but what lures to take? (sizes, colors?) what kind of line is best? do you bump the bottom or just cast out and retrieve.

    any information would be helpful. i dont really have any crappie-specific tackle and would need to buy some.
  2. fishingguy

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    Mosquito causeway, if you hit it right, is awesome for crappies. Don't need much in the way of equipment. Pencil bobber with 3 to 5' of line to a small jig or hook with a minny. Some use a cane pole. My brother and I would go every year at least once. It has gotten to crowded for me now.

  3. Best bet is to find a dark spot and bobber fish off the light. You can do this till the ballgames start. Alot of our bridges are lit up but not all. Skeeter can get crowded so boatin it to the spot you want to fish isnt out of the question.;)
  4. One of the funnest fishing species to catch a lot of in my opinion. I like to use a slip bobber and set a tiny split shot to stop your bobber with another heavier about a foot and a half above your hook. Then just hook a minnow and let it go. Experiment with depths with your slip bobber and you can just move the split shot up and down your line. If you are fishing under bridges cast right up to the pillars and try to let the current slide your presentation along the pillars. They hang out around them. Try this at night with a lighted bobber as this is one of my favorite ways to catch crappie.
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    Mimi-Fo or T-N-T jigs tipped with a maggot or 2 under a pencil bobber.Must get the bait right up against the pylons.I used to fish under the 422 bridge with waders, it's much easier to cast this way, it'll eliminate all the lost tackle on the overhanging steel rafters.Big gills will be caught with the crappie after ice off in the same place,same technique............Mark
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    Waders might be a good idea to get some casting room but it could also be very dangerous. The rocks can be very tricky to walk on and it is a very steep dropoff if you were to fall in.
  7. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    thanks for the info guys, i appreciate it.
  8. ezbite

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    dont forget to cast a small rooster tail also..;)
  9. Have always had good results with slip bobbers and jigs ..tipped with a minnow...Change depth about every four or five casts till you find ..what depth they are at ...Depth and color can change anytime.....Jim.....
  10. I second the slip bobber with jigs tipped with minnows and also the roostertail. Both methods have worked great for me in the past. In addition to the jig with minnow, you could try a jig with a twistertail. I would also recommend trying Blue Fox Deep Runners, in the 1/16th and 1/32nd sizes. I've had great luck with these little spinners and have caught tons of crappie, white bass, smallmouth, and even a couple of walleye with them.