Causeway bait & tackle hours

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    Their website still says they are opened until 1am for Friday and Saturday, yet we went down to the causeway for some fishing Friday night and they were closed.

    I called today and they said that they are closing at 10 everynight now.

    I wish they would have thought to update their website or something. Just kinda peeved after going all the way out there and being stuck without any bait (that machine wasn't working either) :mad:
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    hm, thats odd.

    but the machine has always been hit and miss. i really try my best not to test it.

  3. i was with her and we drove over a hour from where we were to go fishing and it kinda made me mad that i drove out that far for nothing. i guess i would not be so mad if i did not checkthere site but i did and it said they were open till 1am and we got there at 11 pm and the were closed.
  4. I looked at it yesterday and saw the last report was June 18th. So next time you check the site out look at the fishing report to see the last time it was up dated.Even better call them to make sure.
  5. I am very sorry that we haven't updated the web site. I have two employees
    that can change it ,and one has been off work for two weeeks, and the other went to Poland. It will be updated soon.
    Every year we stay open till 1:00 a.m until the 4th of July. Then go back to 10:00 p.m.
    Sorry for any inconvience.
    As far as the bait Machine--we really try to keep it going and filled... A lot of people try to break it or jam it up on purpose. Sorry, Linda
  6. Nic, HI!!!! I'll be there out on the lake probally tomorrow night. 88 Causeway 'round 8:00PM :) :) :) :B I'll PM Dj
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    It was just really frustrating. A lot of people we talked to down there were really upset about going all the way out there and not having anything to fish with. A few said that they wouldn't be going back there. People down from us literally took a dead fish out of the water to use it for bait because all they had was liver too. Just kinda sucked.