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Caught vs Snagged

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ying6, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. I have been fishing both Hoover and Alum quite a bit the last few weeks and haven't had much luck. While fishing hoover, I noticed guys snagging fish and last night while fishing alum I noticed the same thing. I am not at all saying this has been done on purpose, just noticing that many of the fish that are coming in are not truly hooked in the mouth.
    An example would be, last night I was fishing below Alum and had ahold of what felt like a very angry muskie on a Rogue. Thinking it through I think I may have snagged him and he took off not knowing what the heck was going on. Then later, while working a jig I brought in a small dead saugeye.
    I have been hearing some guys picking fish up at alum, but not many... how many guys are actually catching these and how many are accidently being snagged? I haven't caught a legal fish in awhile and I am beginning to wonder if I am fishing for biting fish.
    Any thoughts? Remember I am not saying anyone is snagging on purpose but I think a lot of the fish are just being caught that way.
  2. Ying,

    "Caught" to me is bait taken into a fishes mouth and hooked inside the mouth. Occasionally, while trolling I'll get one that appears to have been hooken in the mouth and the fish rolled and got a second set of trebles hooked outside of the mouth. I'm pretty sure the ODNR regs state inside the mouth is the only legal catch.
    As far as spillway fish- fish in rivers lhold near bottom 98% of the time. This makes the "snag zone" pretty small. There is no doubt in my mind tha some of those fish "bite"-I've caught quite a few at various spillways-in the mouth. The dormant ones are resting out of the current (near bottom) in the deeper holes and are highly subject to snagging. Call the TIPS hotline if you witness snagging.

    BTW-I was within 1 mile of the spillway at Alum all weekend (working). Almost killed me! ;)


  3. Watching fish being winched in sideways time after time leaves very little to the imagination. I think most folks on this board can see through those reports.

    Where's my spud bar? I don't think I can wait any longer for open water! :eek:
  4. I noticed that one guy seemed to be snagging at Deer Creek spillway on Friday. I saw him bring in three fish in about 15 minutes and not one came up mouth first, he was standing on top of the wall. My friend with me talked to other guys and they said it looked he was snagging.
    He would really rip his rod up in the air every few minutes, which is a little much for jigging. I know that every once in a while you will hook a fish outside of the mouth. But keep it as minimal as possible, please. I know that the fish is for everyone but snagging on purpose is the lazy way to me!
  5. OU fisherman wrote:

    <I know that the fish is for everyone but snagging on purpose is the lazy way to me!>

    Unless it's suckers or carp you are targeting-it's also ILLEGAL! :rolleyes:

  6. i dont care if a fish is snagged by accident or on purpose that fish should be released back into the water. nothing satisfies more in the spring on the maumee to see those people that get greedy get what they deserve. i was at hoover last sunday and seen more than a dozen snagged fish come out of that "hole." I didnt see any of the fish released back. i would like to see some kind of enforcement.
  7. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    I've called the tip line several times, and I believe they take all calls seriously. About a year ago I was driving down 33 and pulled up next to a ODNR truck. I shouted at him "someone's been snagging Saugeye below Griggs" however he thought I said "is snagging" as in right then that very moment. He immediately went to radio the call in. I told him the guy HAD been snagging, and I saw him do it a couple times. He told me to call the Tip number immediately if I ever saw him again.....On the same note there is a EPA 1-800 number to call for spills/dumping reports. I guess alot of people don't like the EPA, but they exist for a reason. Anyway I had the unfortunate experience of finding my fishing hole "soaked" with diesel fuel from a nearby feeder creek. I mean it was hard to breathe the scent was so strong; it permeated an area the size of a football field. I thought someone should know about it, cause it was REALLY bad. I called the 1-800 number and told them what I saw, and was told that I would probably get a call back. I was a little skeptical, mainly because of all the flak the EPA gets. But sure enough 3 hours later I received a call from a supervisor(?) who was down at the river trying to locate the source of the pollution. A day later I got a call back and was told what the name of the creek was, where it originated from and the number for a manned 24hr emergency spill center, in case I ever saw another this type of thing agian. In addition he noted that he had located the spill, and tried to trace it back to its point of origin, but was unsucessful due to the high water levels.. ..I was impressed. Iv’e gathered that the EPA & State Game officials take violations SERIOUSLY... and they LOVE to bust people that break the law....I'll try to post the 1-800 #s tomorrow.
  8. City of Columbus also has an environmental enforcement group that is the control authority under OEPA for the City and surrounding suburbs. Be it illegal dumping to a sanitary sewer or storm sewer contact 645-5876 Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Section. All complaints are followed up on. Also, City has an informant reward program up to $500 for information leading to illegal dumping.
  9. catlover

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    I can't see how snagging at the spillway would even be effective. If you had a huge lure with a ton of treble hooks, you might bump into something occassionally.
    When I was younger, Colorado had a season for snagging kokanee salmon. You used a huge treble hook with about a 2 oz, lead weight on the bottom. They were stacked up like cord wood and it still wasn't all that easy. I just can't see anybody woking blind with a regular lure doing that much damage. I've seen these posts about snagging in the spillway before and it seems like a waste of time to me.
  10. Snaggers during walleye runs in the rivers is out of control. You can spot them a mile away.

    Someone mentioned sometime ago here about rigging a blade and casting over the lines of these "jerks" pun intended.

  11. Have not been to a spillway yet. But snagging during the walleye runs, purposely or not happens all the time. Last year in one day using a jighead i managed to snag probably 3 walleyes just by jigging the river. All fish were released. But it happens. I think snagging intentionally is NOT hard to do at all, and is probably very effective. During the runs people need to call out others when they catch a snagged fish, people did it to me and i didnt take offense, i was happy about it.
  12. Ive been fishing the maumee run for the last 8 years.Ill tell you its impossible to not snag them.I fish with 1/4 ounce floater with half ounce weight up the line about 18".Getting on this subject is a crazy can of worms.Over the years I just quit caring about who snagged and who didnt up there.Its almost like everyone is doing it.I in my own opinion think the state should set up booths on the river and sale walleye tags for $3 a fish.Limit of 3 a day cost $9.I know Ive seen guys who would take 3 fish out before 7 and come back in the evening and take another 3.I know this wouldnt be a fail proof way but it would scare enough people to keep them honest.Plus the state would make even more money.