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Caught my first Cat of the season!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FISHERLADY, Jul 29, 2004.


    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    :D Went to Baldridge boat ramp (Hoover- past Red Bank) Went belly boatin' Wed. night. Saw some canoe's and few boats. Didn't look like anyone was doing any good. Water was down and choppy. Winds.... I caught me a channel cat on a rattle trap. He was a chunky fellow.... I'd say he was about 14 inches long. Striperman didn't get anything. It was slow. I was the only one who caught a fish. :p :rolleyes: To my surprise. He fought pretty good. Fished under the bridge there too. Nothing. Some guy was crappie fishing under it with his boat. Fishing is slow! :( But, it was good to get outside.