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cattin' on the tusc river

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by 8racing3, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. 8racing3

    8racing3 member

    hit the tusc for some cats. first run came at 10:30 nice solid fish on a bluegill, almost 100% sure it was a shovelhead, almost had him in and lost him. second run came at 11:15 and reeled in a nice 19.14 pound shovelhead. she was a beauty. never caught one that big out of the tusc. at midnight had the third run and brought up a nice 4 pound channel. all in all it was a great night to be cattin'. will post pics tommorow. right now i am tired and have to wake up at 6:30 to go to work.
  2. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    GREAT REPORT...........thats a darn nice flattie for the Tusc !! Congrats !!!

  3. we had another good nite on the tusc friday nite from 10 till 1 then they stopped. got a 20# 17# 11# and 8# and got pics too. try to get my buddie to post them.all taken on chubs,not a hit at all on shimp or liver. ususally get a few channels but not friday.
  4. Good show guys.
    I haven't been catting for a while.

    Husky, you fishing Atwood anymore? I took my nephews (high school age) down to that old road bed on the south shore and did REALLY well last time I was there. We got 3 channels between 8-11lbs that night. Fresh, not stinky, tiger shrimp was the bait.
  5. no dave,havent been to atwood since spring,health is keeping me down pretty much.