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    does any body know of any place local where i might hook up with some big cats?(over 20#). i've fished alum delaware the scioto and other private ponds and very rarely do i catch anything over 10#. i get alot of 5-7 lbers. but i want to tangle with some of the big boys. i'm really not looking for a pay lake, i think any one can catch big fish at a pay lake.
  2. i was below griggs by the dam last night....these 2 guys pulled out a cat each over 25 lbs. it's not a whole lot bigger than 20 lbs but they are in there.

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    were they flatheads?
  4. You are fishing the right areas for central OH.

    If you are serious about hooking up with big cats you should east to the Muskingum River, or any of the Muskingum river watershed lakes as this area has the highest concentration of large cats in the state.

    I have little time currently as we just had our first child, but my buddies have been doing very well on big cats in these areas.
  5. nope they weren't flatheads from what i could tell. either a blue or channel cat. i couldnt tell for sure because it was pretty dark at that time.
  6. I have a buddy that caught one at griggs about a week and a half ago that he said was close to 30. Those big boys must be gettin hungry. His was a Shovelhead. Thats where I was heading last week when he called and said our luck would be better at Buckeye, so we drove all the way out there for two little channels. Looking back, maybe he was wanting to keep me outa his spot, lol.
  7. i think im going actually head out there tonight to griggs

    i'll prob go around 9-10 pm and see how i do there.
  8. I was below Griggs lastnight as well, seen a lantern pop on about 9.30 or so and lasted for maybe a hour then they were gone, I assume they were after cats, since they didnt stay long Im going to say they didnt do to well.
  9. i was at griggs but not below the dam tonight. caught a good 25lbs channel cat within 15 min of my first cast....

    i failed to set 3 of them. good thing i had my trusty ugly stick with 30lbs fireline.
    because i forgot to bring a net.
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    Where are the good spots for cats at Griggs? I've tried night fishing a lot without much luck.
  11. im not gonna same specific spots but i will point out that

    below the dam of griggs....there are rocks in that area so watch your ankles.....cast out towards the middle facing the dam.

    also check above the dam near boating docks....cast out about 20-30 feet from shore past the docks and sit tight....

    actually tonight i almost lost both my fishing night tho
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    Wow a 25 lb channel! Thats MASSIVE for a Central Ohio Channel. Did you get any pics? At our COCC tourneys on OSHAY the biggest channel all year long was 9 lbs. and that was with 20+ boats each tourney. Congratultions on a huge fish.
  13. i do have a picture of it but i took it with my camera phone at night with a flash light.

    i do wanna target some flatheads in the futre...with the weather cooling down and nights getting darker faster...there should be some good cats coming out

  14. hey how do you get to the griggs dam...i know where griggs frisbee golf course is, but thats about it?

    are you talking up by fishinger or what?

    can anybody give me directions...thanks

    also iam going to be using chicken breasts and shrimp....or if anyone has advice for under griggs, because i have never fished there.
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    Sounds like a bar-b-que, I'll bring the suds, you got the chicken breasts and shrimp, throw them on the barby, but who is going to bring the bait?
  16. fishin the scioto tonight...where should i go for some big cats.
  17. for griggs....there are plenty of spots...the entrance into the park at the intersection by SPEEDWAY gas station is pretty good. it also helps to check it out during the day just to see where to park and where some of the spots took me a good month to find spots to find cats and bass.

    i saw some people pullin up crappies under the bridge. i don't really fish for crappies so im not really in that area.