Cats in Troy/Tipp

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jimnrg, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I'm usually more of a bass man but I got bored yesterday and decided to "cook up" some Catfish dough(I've never done it before so I'll let you all know if it works). I'm just wondering where in Troy or Tipp is my best bet for catfishing on the bank and not wading.
  2. They are everywhere and plentifull. Fish behind the golf course, have caught tons of them with the kids over the years down there.

  3. Thanks, squid 1.
    I've only looked around there a little bit but can't find any real access spots. Is it public access even or owned by the golf course?
  4. Park on the other side. Heading east just past Van Cleve turn left on Williams street and park on the curve under that big tree. Walk up the levy and hang a left (toward s the dam). Look on the golf course side for a phone pole next to a series of pine tree, kinda just left of the 18th green. Head down to the water and set up there. That where I always fish for cats/smallies. Take some softcraws and liver if using liver don't try to use 2 poles per person you go crazy..tap tap tap tap tap jerk swing and a miss really its pretty comical. Good luck.
  5. Could you be more specific? are great directions, squid 1, I'll give it a shot and see if my homemade dough works.
  6. Hey if I am not catching them some else might as well.:)