Cats are useful...

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  1. for dubbing material! :p I was brushing out one of my cats. I looked at the wad of fur as I pulled it off the brush. Then the light bulb came on:) I headed down to the tying bench. So far, 3 different flys with the fur's former owner in the title. I apologize for the fuzziness of the pics. Had no idea how difficult flies are to photograph!

    1. Gold Beaded Nibby Nymph

    2. Prince Bob or The Bob Fly

    3. The Turtle Creek Koon Fly (Stone Fly imitation.)
  2. Hmm cats or ok but my Cairn Terrier makes great dubbing Yes flies are hard to photograph.

  3. Utard


    Nuther great source of free dubbing.....check your lint trap in your dryer. Its already blended and mixed and its free! If you want a specific color, find one you like and do lots of laundry with "fuzzy" stuff. Blankets and sweaters are the best for this. :)
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    I've got steelhead on Marley flies (my old cat), and Parker flies (my old dog).
    One night (may have had a beer or two...) I noticed a bunch of my frizzy grey/blonde hair on a brush - Voila! I call it a Charlie Manson nymph.
    And it caught fish too.:p