Catfishing in West Carrollton

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by QueticoMike, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. I have a friend who just moved to the West Carrollton area and he has never been catfishing before, he's from Maine. He wants to know some general areas he can fish for catfish and what type of baits he should use. I typically use dead creek chub cut bait or chicken liver. Does anybody use anything much different?

    I assume there are some places in the Great Miami River he can fish?

    Fish on!
  2. the GMR in that area is LOADED with nice sized channel cats. almost anywhere along the river they can be caught, even in winter especially if its high and muddy. best bait is of course cut shad but chubs, chicken liver, shrimp, and believe it or not fresh boneless chicken breast chunks work really well. there are flatheads as well but they require a little more patience, live bait and water temps above 50 degrees. forget about them till mid April.

  3. dinkbuster is correct.Tell him to seek out the West Carrolton dam, he has an excellent fishery in his town. Go to Alex rd. name chages into Hydraulic rd. follow to dam there are two dams within a few hundred yards of each other. you can see them both on rt. hand side, Fish at and between these dams and you can catch anything that swims in that river. lots of Smallies and saugeyes to be caught too.. chicken liver and cutbaits for the cats and a big livebait for the the flatheads. Year round Fishin'. catch and release best as state says there not fit to eat from dayton downstream. keeps the fishing good too.:)