Catfishing 8/7/07

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by neocats1, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I went out to as new spot this evening for a little cattin'. Channels were biting live bait and the Flatheads were biting cut bait....Weird huh!. Anyways, I had two bluegills I caught and then caught sone 4-6" white bass. Ended up with 4 fish (2 flats and 2 channels). Flats weighed 9.5 pounds and 7.4 pounds, the channels weighed 5 pounds and 3.4 pounds. A good little storm blew in right before 10:00 and I decided to call it quits. Also caught my first gar. I guess it is a personal best. All were CPR'ed including that stupid gar.

  2. i've caught more flatties on cut shad this year in the river than all other baits combined. i dunno whats goin on

  3. ive read alot of posts about people catching more on cut bait this year than on live bait, it almost sounds as if there going more for the sure meal, instead of the meal that could get away not that a live bait with a hook going through it is going to get away LOL. i know i read somewhere that catfish are the most opportunistic fish we have and will go after anything they can fit in there mouths, so it def seems there going after whats a sure thing. JMO